Back in the land of the living!

Posted on November 18, 2009 by sonjabarrie

It never rains but it pours but I would not be me if my life was anything other than weird or just downright wacky! Tim and my daughter Jeanette were home to help me the first week after surgery, not that I really needed too much help but it is nice to have a little bell beside the bed to ring to call the servants when you need them!

Come the following Monday Tim was off to California to do some consulting so Jeanette and I got to spend the week together by ourselves and that was really neat, she’s usually working long hours and comes home just to fall in bed and sleep.  We did more Sudoku and crossword puzzles that week than I’ve done in a year and I’m a Sudoku addict.

The following week Tim left for 2 weeks this time, back to California and Jeanette decided to take a well earned break in Las Vegas for 2 weeks. I was fine, up and about but still laying down a lot so I didn’t have any worries about being there by myself; I also have great neighbors and know I could call on them at any time.

Except, the Monday they both left started to feel a bit rough, by Tuesday there was no doubt I had picked up a stomach bug or the stomach flu or whatever you want to call it.  I have to say it was awful, I was really glad that I was by myself; I think I would have asphyxiated anyone within a 50 foot radius.  I could have run this whole house on the amount of methane I was creating, in fact it’s probably a good job I don’t smoke because I would have blown the house up.

Holy Cow!  When I say by the end of that week I was “drained” I really mean it.  Needless to say that whole week was spent lying in bed wanting to die but not quite ill enough to do it! I guess the silver lining though is that I HAD to rest which is what your body needs after major surgery.

This week I feel human again and as Tim and Jeanette are still gone I have more peace and quiet which is a rare commodity in this house. I am up and about just about all day now which is cool and am able to do ‘stuff’.  Nothing that involves lifting or much bending but sorting my closet for a start, tidying my sewing room, that sort of thing.  The kind of things you put off forever because there are always more pressing things that need doing.

And…….we got snow.  It was beautiful; well I would say that, after all I wasn’t going out in it. Tim and Jeanette of the other hand call me every day with the reports of the sun that’s shining, the palm trees and in Tim’s case, the walks along the beach, b’stard!

Oh well, we are off on vacation on December 5th, we’re going to Scottsdale, Arizona for 2 weeks, nice and warm but not too hot, and hopefully we’ll get to visit with our friends Becky and Dan while we are down there, they live just outside of Phoenix.

So all in all, yes it is great to be back in the land of the living!


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