Another MRI with dye

Posted on May 17, 2010 by sonjabarrie

You know after everything I have gone through over the last 2+ years with my back you would think they could have sorted it out by now. I should be so lucky. Where's Dr Crusher when you need her or even the holo Doc? at least he knows how to put Borg nanobots to good use, he would have had it sorted.

Well until that wonderful day comes I have to suffer the slings and arrows of modern medicine. I am still in a lot of pain so they sent me back to the hospital to get another MRI with dye again.  The dye allows the radiologist to 'see' what's going on in there better apparently. I wouldn't mind but I am extremely claustrophobic and the injection of that dye hurts darn it!

Talk about mind control, when they put me in that machine I swear my heart rate goes through the roof and panic doesn't even begin to describe the feeling.  I have to close my eyes before they start to move me and on no account do I open them.  I also have to keep quelling the panicky thoughts coursing through my head.  Like most things it is mind over matter and that is how I manage it, I imagine I am on a beach with the wind blowing, there's a fan on you so that helps and I refuse to give in.

I feel ready to collapse by the time they pull me out but I feel such a sense of triumph that I overcame without medication.

MRI Machine

MRI Machine

I saw this picture and thought to myself, "I've seen coffins with more space around the body than this!"

To top it all off the noise inside is incredible, you have to wear ear plugs, some imaging places have headphones with music to supposedly help you relax and secondly to help block the noise. Neither works, I just hope this time they find out why I still have so much pain, leg spasms, pins and needles and numb areas on my lower legs.  It makes it hard to do anything, sitting, bending (even to brush my teeth) kneeling, all hurt like crazy and laying helps the alleviate the pain a bit but brings on the spasms more!



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  1. Dana

    - 20th Jan, 12 01:01pm

    Hello…I thought I might comment as an MRI tech and give you some perspectives from our end and maybe help you understand a little more about MRI.  We need you to hold still because MRI pics are very sensitive to motion; its just like any other picture being taken except, it takes a lot longer; we are taking about 20-50 pics for one sequence or "picture" in layman's terms. Breathing is good. Unless, you are having an exam in which they require you to hold your breath; they will let you know when to hold your breath and for how long. For exams that don't require you to hold your breath shallow breathing is best- no deep breaths (such as a sigh- BAD). 
    Also, just about every single MRI tech as had to undergo MRI's as experimental exams that are up and coming. We practice on each other because it is very safe- there is no radiation involved. I have been on the table for almost 3 straight hours before. So…yes, we do know what its like. 
    I like to tell my patients to think of it as a tanning bed; you have a lot more room in an MRI than a tanning bed; also….you can get out of the scanner anytime you want, all you have to do is push the security button and the tech will bring you out asap. OR….you could  crawl out. I have had patients do it! I am not sure you could say that for a coffin!  If you are claustrophobic, make sure you tell you doctor in advance and he can usually give you something to relax you. Make sure you ask for an anti-anxiety medicine for anxiety and a pain medicine if you are in pain. An anti-anxiety medicine will NOT take away pain; so if this is the case and you are unable to lie on your back, you will need two meds.
    I hope this helps

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  2. Pete Blazejczyk

    - 15th Dec, 10 03:12am

    Been there a few times when they checked out my blood flow through my arteries.  I was annoyed when they say "Don't Move".    I was afraid to breathe so I forced myself to take shallow breaths.  I just did not want to re-take the MRI check. 

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    • sonjabarrie (author comment)

      - 15th Dec, 10 09:12am

      Hey Pete, I ask you, how can they tell you “don’t move” when you have to breath for goodness sake! It really makes you wonder whether any of the technicians have ever had to spend upwards of 40 minutes in one of those coffins!
      I wouldn’t mind but I have had to have another MRI earlier this year which told me what I already know, the disks are collapsing and pressing on the nerves. Now we have changed our insurance because of a job change I bet I have to have another one! How is it I can go through airport security where they can tell you what you had for lunch in one of those stand up scanners but I have to get in a coffin to see what my back is doing? Go figure!

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