And Now For Somethig Completely Different……..

Posted on February 11, 2011 by sonjabarrie

Note: I wrote this ages ago and apparently I clicked on the draft button instead of post, not saying I'm a bit distracted or anything LOL  either way this should make you laugh, it does it to me every time!


Yeah we all need something completely different now and again.   Trouble is my completely different usually involves moving, I'm beginning to think having something the same for a while would be a really novel idea!

I was contemplating taking my last post down, it's so depressing I can't bear to read it or look at it but 2 friends have talked me out of it.  The first one told me she loves it as it makes her life seem so normal and her problems all of a sudden come into perspective, well glad I can help someone out. The other friend said to leave it there as most blogs, FaceBook and the rest are so sicky sweet with how everyone's lives are so good and their families are just fantastic blahdy blahdy blah that it is nice to actually read something honest and down to earth for a change.

Well I'm nothing if not down to earth, what you see is what you get, warts and all, to me that is what friends are all about, you are there with them through the good and the bad, warts and all.  I feel if I have it to give, it's yours, whether its time, money or goods. What's really nice is that philosophy has never failed me and has always come back to me in spades.  After the last post a lot of friends came back to me with offers of places to stay if we lose the house and other generous offers that really made me thankful to be me and I feel very lucky to have so many friends in all corners of the world.

So here's something completely different that doesn't involve moving:


We all need a good laugh now and again and here's one of my favorites, cracks me up every time

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  1. Sonja

    - 14th Sep, 11 06:09pm

    Hey Rosanne, you moss me that much huh?  wow I feel honored LOL  Love and moss you too!

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  2. rosanne

    - 11th Sep, 11 08:09pm

    Hi Mum,  Love the video!!  laughed till i almost cried…and it was a good thing as I just watched a 2 hour show on 9/11.  Love you and moss you. Rosanne..XX

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