A Blast from the Past

Posted on April 17, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Wow, you just never know who you are going to run into or who will track you down from your past. We all know the saying "Be careful who you stab in the back on your way up as they will be there waiting for you on your way down!"  I guess the same can be said of "Be careful who you cross during your life because they will always come back to bite you!"

I just hope I have never, nor will I ever, do that to anyone, I want people to find me because they like who I was not because they want to exact revenge.  Well the call I got yesterday was from someone who I used to work for many years ago and thankfully he looked me up because I was a friend.  I worked for many years back in the 70s and early 80s for a Tax consultant called George Lyle.  He finally found me through one of my daughters, Rosanne.

It was amazing to talk to someone I knew 30+ years ago and it was great.  I remember him, his wife and 2 sons very well and it was so nice talking to him again.  He is still in Michigan and as I hope to get up there in August to visit with my kids and grand kids I shall be seeing him and his family for a visit.

Just to give you an idea of how things change in 30+ years here's a picture of me back when I did those taxes:

Dora Mae holding Rosanne with Beth and Sonja December 1974

Great Grandma Dora Mae holding Rosanne with Aunt Beth and Sonja December 1974

I think I started working for George around 1972 and I remember wearing this skirt to the office, long skirts were so 'in' then, he used to joke that he didn't think I had any legs as I always wore long skirts or shorter skirts but with boots!

Sonja (Cagle) March 1978

Sonja (Cagle) March 1978 still dorky!

Sonja (Cagle) June 1980

Sonja (Cagle) June 1980, still wearing the same dress I made a few years previously, I made the blouse too.

Must find some software that will allow me to edit and touch up these old photos, I see they are discolored and too far into the red but no amount of editing will change the dorkiness!!!

What's really scary is I'm still doing taxes, only my own but they have grown considerably now that I am running my own businesses.  I just wish I had a photo of him and his family from back then.  I might have taken some at the time but when I went back to the UK in 1983 some stuff got regrettably left behind and that may be one of them.

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