We’re back in Utah but……

Posted on May 12, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Well we are now back in Utah after an uneventful 10 hour drive, couldn’t update the blog yesterday due to all the mail that needed opening and going through but here it is, the last saga of our vacation. It’s a vacation how could it be a saga you ask? Well remember this is me, not a normal sane person: ME!

We decided on Saturday, the last day of our vacation to go for a walk into the hills behind the resort, Tim had a nice 2 hour walk there earlier in the week and he convinced me that it was worth it. I like to hike but if did seem a bit hot for me but I agreed anyway, so loaded up with water (some frozen) and a snack. I put on factor 45 under my t shirt as well as the top of my arms and factor 30 on the rest of me. I had on my hat so I figured I would be safe enough. I was still red from the first day sitting under the sun umbrella (read the first post) but figured I would be safe enough.

No, like I said this is me…………. take a look at the photo below, this is what my chest looked like after we got back and I had taken my shower and NO that is not water!

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