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Posted on May 08, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Good Grief, it’s Friday already and the week is almost over, it’s amazing how fast the time fly’s when you’re having fun! I’ve been really lazy just sitting around reading. I’m reading an amazing book called “Train Your Mind Change Your Brain”. It’s a book on studies that show how your brain is actually very plastic and it can be changed even if you are much older. Yeah I know I’m weird but I enjoy learning new stuff and this is just one in a series of books I’ve been reading on the brain written by Doctors and Scientists that show how you CAN recover from strokes or massive brain trauma. Some of them even detail how to help children who have learning disabilities or dyslexia, how you can help them to train their brains to think right again. Fascinating.

Anyway, Tim decided he was going for a long walk in the hills yesterday, waaay too hot for me but I dropped him off at the trail head and then picked him up later at another. I went off to the quilt shop I had spotted in town along with a number of other stores I had my eye on. Much more civilized if you ask me ;o) though I was very good and very restrained and didn’t buy anything, well except for some fruit at the Safeway but that doesn’t count.

After Tim’s walk he tried to phone me to tell me that he had arrived at the pickup coordinates and would I come and get him. Unbeknown to me he was so far out he couldn’t get a signal! Too funny, after a bit of panicking on his part wondering how far he was going to have to walk to get a signal he realized that he might be able to get out a short text message. Sure enough I got the message back at the resort to pick him up and duly left.

Now I knew when I dropped him off that I would have to go down a dirt road to pick him up but we are talking back country, rocky, couldn’t be graded if they wanted to type of dirt road. You know those ads you see for cars like the Jeep where they take the car over huge boulders and they like to end up at the top of some fantastic mesa or mountain? That’s what is seemed like, well a bit of an exaggeration but you get the picture, if you wanted to have kidneys or a back left after driving 2 miles down this road you were shit out of luck!

So half an hour of rocking from side to side down this road there’s Tim, sitting by the side of the road in the shade waiting for me, he looks very bedraggled and very thirsty, good job I brought extra water for him just in case. So I manage to turn around and start driving back only to be told that he’s driven on loads of roads like this and it’s not the road it’s my driving, well ladies you know exactly what I did, slammed on the brakes and said, “Well you drive then!” which he did.

We still lurched from side to side, the kidneys and back still took a pounding, the fact that he was driving at three times the speed I was previously going, completely oblivious of crevasses, boulders or anything else in his way is neither here nor there but as far as he was concerned it was far better than when I had been driving! Yes dear of course it was!

Here’s some of the sights he saw while on the hike, to see the pictures better just click on a picture and it will open full size.

This is the flowering spike of a Yucca plant and these bugs where apparently about an inch to an inch and a half long!

The flower spike on this Yucca was over 10 feet and still growing!

The camera just cannot capture the amazing beauty of this place.


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