On Vacation in Sedona

Posted on May 06, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Well, we did it, we finally managed to get away on vacation. I never thought it would happen because we have been so busy and as always whenever you book a vacation months in advance when the time finally comes you realize it is the MOST inconvenient time!

If you have been following these posts you know we have put in an offer on a house in Flint Michigan, this means if our offer is accepted renting out our house here in Utah, packing up what we want to take and putting what we don’t need in storage. in other words, lots of work in a short space of time and we have to go to Italy for Claire’s wedding for three weeks so that takes a big chunk out of our time and we had this week booked.

So all we could do was decide after everything that has been going on we needed a break and here we are. We are still doing some work while we are here, Tim had a big conference call, I had stuff to do regarding the rentals and techie stuff but I still managed to find time to sit in the shade by the pool.

I know I’m weird, in fact anyone who knows me will agree I’m weird and weird stuff happens to me and yesterday was no exception. I specifically sat in the shade because I burn, I am blonde after all. I sat under an umbrella all day and only put on SPF15 because I was under the shade of the umbrella and I GOT BURNT TO A CRISP!!! I kid you not my shoulders and front are bright red, go figure, weird doesn’t even begin to describe it, there are people all around the pool lying in the sun, NOT burnt and here I am in the shade.

So today I sat out there in a Tshirt with SPF30 under it, I also used it on the rest of my body and the front of my legs got burnt. Now I ask you what’s a girl to do? I look like a beached whale most of the time, now I look like a large cooked lobster!

Never mind, at least the apartment we are staying in is so nice that I don’t mind just sitting on the balcony and reading, we get the sun first thing in the morning which is nice to wake up to but the sun is off the balcony by about 11am which is really good. There is a nice table and 4 padded chairs and the balcony overlooks the pool which has running water all the time so it drowns out a lot of the ambient noise.

The resort is Sedona Summit and is a “Diamond Resort”, I must say it is really nice, we used one of our time share weeks and we wanted something we could drive to and the one that came up in the time frame we wanted was this one.

Mostly the resorts available at Interval International (where we deposit our weeks for exchange) are pretty good, I can’t say I’ve been to a bad one yet, some may not have been as good as I would have liked but maybe that’s because I am picky. This is a one bedroom apartment with granite counters, a fully fitted kitchen, 2 flat screen TV’s, a huge shower and separate jacuzzi tub, the list goes on.

Sedona seems to be a nice town if a bit touristy, means there’s lots of restaurants and bars though along with the obligatory souvenir stores (or junk stores as I like to call them) and the backdrop is amazing.

There are a lot of rock formations, mesa’s and lots of red rock. It’s amazingly beautiful, Tim went for a walk in the area behind the resort and it went on for miles, he made a video and I walked for a short while and it was wonderful. The flowers are all in bloom and smell wonderful. The chamomile especially is very strong smelling.

I’ll let the pictures tell a better story.

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