No Quilting For A Week!!!

Posted on December 20, 2008 by sonjabarrie

If you decide to look at the Slide Presentation to the right make sure you go to the first slide, you can tell you are there because it say’s ‘Slide One’ along with some inane comment!

We did have wonderful week there this time (no snow – see last post) but I did get withdrawal symptoms because I couldn’t do any quilting. I did manage to get some crocheting done though for my latest grand baby, it’s my fourth but my first grandson. After making stuff for all the girls I wonder how he’s going to look in all those cute dresses I’ve made?

Thankfully I have been getting my regular quilting fix now so I’m back to my normal manic self. This picture is the quilt top I have just made for my number one granddaughter, Sonia. She’s nine and unfortunately lives in Michigan which is too far away but hopefully when I finally get this on my quilt machine and get it completely finished for her she’ll feel she has a bit of Nana with her.


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I tell you what, being a grandmother by proxy really sucks! You know how it goes, you’re on the phone and its: YOU give my granddaughter a big kiss from Nana, YOU give my granddaughter a big hug from Nana, YOU get all the benefits while I sit here and just imagine.

I wonder sometimes if my kids went to places far and wide to get away from me, I can hear it now,
“Lets marry guys from miles away so we can get awaaayyy!”

Can kids be that scheming? probably, but what is more likely to have happened is their new husbands said:
“Let’s move to Michigan, yeah the economy sucks, yeah the weather is terrible in the winter, yeah there aren’t many jobs but we can make a go of it and NO we are not going because of your mother, honest!”

Ahh the joys of being a mother-in-law!

In the case of my youngest, when she finally got her PhD (don’t ask me where that brain came from) her first job was in GERMANY! Could she have gone any further? 2 years later what does she do? Marry an ITALIAN. Now they have just had a baby (my first grandson) and I have yet to meet the groom let alone the baby. I do feel for the child, he has an English mother, Italian father and they live in Germany, that child is not going to know whether he is coming or going.

Another baby to kiss and cuddle by proxy! At least I will finally get to meet him and my son-in-law in June as we are all going to Italy for their big church wedding. They had a civil wedding in Germany which apparently was a farce which they knew it would be and they wanted us to save our air miles for this June. Being Italian HIS mother wants HIM to have a big church wedding with all 6000 of his relatives there.

I can see that after that week in Italy it will be my Dear Hubby who has white knuckles and me saying:

“Now that was fun!”

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