YouTube For Wimps!!

Posted on January 26, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Well it’s been over a week on the new meds and I can honestly say I am feeling a bit better. Still achy but no where near as bad as I was. Is my body adjusting to them? did I come down with something at the same time as I tried the new meds? who knows? I am just feeling better and that’s all I care about!

A couple of things happened while I wasn’t feeling well, the first and MOST traumatic was being invited to a party and feeling too ill to go. Now most people who know me will know I will crawl off my death bed for a party! If I have to turn down a party with good friends then I am ill indeed. The bummer is I am feeling better now!

The second thing that happened was my day at Kathy’s sewing. I still felt really rough but as I have said before sewing is very therapeutic and relaxing and sitting in her warm basement, talking and laughing is really good therapy, I felt so much better when it was time to go home, I am sure that is what has gotten me on the road to recovery! Thanks Kath ;o)

What didn’t help was Dear Hubby. Why is that when men get new toys they have to pester the hell out of you using them. I have always felt that most men have a 10 year old boy inside them and Tim is no different. Here I am wanting to be left alone to die quietly but I HATE laying in bed. I always feel I can recover just as well doing something I enjoy and taking my mind off my misery rather than laying in bed feeling every ache and pain.

So I am in my sewing room doing mindless and enjoyable stuff when in he walks with the new camera. Now I’m a techie and have worked in the computer industry for 30 years so I can appreciate a new piece of technology as well as the next person. But not last week OK! He shouts at me from the hall that he is coming in and that I must smile and answer his questions, I have no makeup on, am as white as a ghost and NOT in the mood. But we all know 10 year old boys, they have temper tantrums when they don’t get their way and the biggger the boy the bigger the tantrum.

So I gamely go along with it, which in and of itself is not too bad but he had the audacity to put the bloody thing on YouTube. WTF!!!

He has sent me the link as promised (threatened) so everyone can see it, shoot, I thought putting it on YouTube meant the whole world could see it anyway! Apparently he wants me to put the link here so all of you guys can find it. I’d like to say “I don’t think so……” but I don’t think that will do any good! As I said, big boy big tantrums and I am too weak to argue.


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