We’re in Michigan!

Posted on April 04, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Wow, what a difference to Utah, mostly flat, green and gray! For the whole week we have seen the sun once but it was a glorious day and here it is Saturday and the sun is shining again. It looks like it will be a great day and that’s good as Rosanne and Michael have invited Rachael and Bobby over for a BBQ. Great stuff, I get to see both my daughters and grand daughters all together which is really cool.

We have been out on the road just about every day looking at houses to either rent out or move into ourselves. We would like to come up here for a year or two so that we can visit and be with the kids and grand kids and hopefully we have succeeded. We found a really nice 1941 house in a nice area of the city that doesn’t need too much work and we have put an offer on it.

It’s not exactly an “Arts and Craft” style but it has a lot of architectural detail like original wood floors, moldings, peaks in the roof and the back yard is really nice with full grown big trees for shade, a nice brick patio and flower beds. The lawn (picture below) looks a bit worse for wear but it is winter and it is under trees. If our offer is accepted then I may find a way to get rid of the back lawn and make it not only ‘kid’ friendly but ‘no lawn mower’ friendly too.

The front yard (below) is lawn with trees and it’s pretty easy to mow so that can stay the same. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that they accept our offer.

Well, today is Saturday and we fly back out again on Monday which is a pooh as I feel we haven’t been here long enough by far. One week is just too short when you want to do stuff and have time to visit all the kids and grand kids. Never mind, after our daughters wedding in Italy we will be back for a bit longer and if we get the house maybe for a very long time.

We’ll see.

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  1. Yo Momma

    - 8th Apr, 09 04:04pm

    Doesn’t sound very good to me!! That means I probably wont be getting too much sewing done for a year or so.


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