Presents for Tim’s mum and sister

Posted on May 26, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Had to show you the presents I made for mum and Barbara. It was a last minute decision (it’s 7:30pm the night before we leave and I have just got them done that’s how last minute!)

This apron is for Barbara, Tim’s older sister. The white circles on the black are actually chickens and you can see a white strip that had chicken wire print on it.

This one is for Tim’s mum, I know she loves flowery stuff as that is the type of carpet, wallpaper, couch, lampshades etc she has! Well she is 85 so one has to make allowances LOL. Anyway I hope she likes it.

While I was at it I decided to make one for my best friend Kathy. These are her colors, actually she prefers green but she chose these and I have to say I do like it a lot.

I love the pattern, its called a “Four Corners Apron” and I guess the best thing about them is you can customize them to the person you are making them for. Each strip of fabric is different and you just pull together a number of strips that go together in the colors you think the recipient will like. It’s very easy and cool to make.

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