Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!

Posted on January 28, 2009 by sonjabarrie

What was I thinking? One day of starting to feel human and I think I own the world! NOT!
Back to feeling lousy today, woke up with my eye looking like a demon replaced it with one of his own, it’s all red and angry, bit like me really.

Managed to get some work done in the office but am now laying in bed writing this. Worst thing is laying here means I’m not sewing and my poor HQ16 longarm quilter is just screaming at me to use her. I know this because although my bedroom happens to be on another floor I can still hear her!

Received some great comments on my YouTube debut, thank you one and all, maybe next time I will actually be prepared and I might even look like I am alive instead of a walking corpse.

The fact that Tim actually went ahead and posted that video made me reflect on the differnces between men and women. We all know men are from Mars and women are from Venus but women have you ever thought about what Martians are really like and what goes through their heads? Being a Venetian it is difficult at the best of times, but a comment Kathy made the other day had me thinking (and you wondered where all that steam was coming from, now you know).

She made the comment that her husband takes the longest showers ever and it made me remember that this is not the first time I had heard this. On reflection I realised that men complain continually about how long it takes for women to get ready to go out but can’t understand for a second what their wives / girfriends are talking about when they claim the men have been in the shower for half an hour or more!

What is it with men and showers? One friend of mine (who shall remain nameless for fear of retaliation) got so fed up waiting for her other half to get out of the shower she sneaked into the bathroom, stood on the side if the bath and peaked over the shower curtain to see what on earth was keeping him in there.

And do you know what was keeping him in there? NOTHING! He was standing facing the shower with his head under the shower, that was it – just standing there. If ever there was a Venus and Mars thing that signified it right there!

Let me give you an example, when we were building this house one of the bathrooms has a sloping roof so we couldn’t put up a shower curtain, this meant we had to get custom glass doors made for the bath. The rep from the company was there measuring and told me he would put the door to get into the shower right by the shower head and taps so that you could turn the shower on easily.

But that would mean stepping into the shower via the running water! Now ladies, correct me if I am wrong but what woman in their right mind would get into a shower by way of the running water? Every woman knows you get into the shower and slowly back your way under the shower making sure not to get it on your face wet and only getting your hair wet if it is hair washing day.

So I am trying to explain this to the rep, Tim and one of the construction crew telling them they have to put the door in the middle so that you can step into the bath / shower carefully without getting wet initially and they have NO idea what I am talking about.

And I guess that just goes to show you, men really are from Mars and women really are from Venus!

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