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Posted on March 28, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Well it’s been a while and I am sorry for not getting here sooner but things are manic as always. How is it possible to be so busy as to not have to time to do a simple blog update? How can I be so busy that I have to work so late? Last night, a Friday night mind you, I got off a conference call with a colleague and we were trying to create the right html code to get a video we had uploaded to our new web site to work in full screen. Now, for me it was after 10pm, for him it was after midnight!!!

I think someone around here is insane and I have a sneaky suspicion everyone knows who it is.

I am fed up talking about my eye so just a quick update and on to other things. The Doc on Thursday says it is still on the mend and is keeping my meds high so hopefully it won’t flare up again, that’s definite good news. We’re still trying to get an appointment with a corneal specialist in the UK so as to get the meds that aren’t available here, we’re making headway but it’s a slow process as anyone who has tried to see a consultant in the UK will attest to.

Had a weird thought on the way to the Doc though (with my brain are you surprised?) If you are in England and go to the shops you go shopping. If you are in the US and go to the stores, why don’t you go storing???

Yeah, well, what can I say, it’s the way my weird brain works!

Been desperately trying to get into my sewing room and failing miserably as usual but Jeanette has been taking it as a sign that she can take over the room. I have to admit she is a natural. She has the amazing ability to picture a finished quilt in her head, draw the skimpiest of designs, pick up the fabric, cut it and sew it all together in one day and then get it on the longarm quilting machine and get it all quilted the next day. Amazing!

Here’s the last three she did.

This one she adapted from a quilt she saw in one of my quilt magazines, its been quilted on the longarm quilter and she just has to put the binding on it. It’s an American Queen size which is a UK king.

This quilt she made up with no pattern or anything, just had an idea in her head as to what it should look like, it hasn’t been quilted yet on the longarm but its another queen size.

This one she did use a pattern for and its called “City Blocks” its been longarm machine quilted already and is awaiting the binding. I think this one qualifies as a king zize but until they get bound its hard to say.

Here she is cutting off the excess batting after taking it off the longarm quilter.

She enjoys it so much she has got business cards made up and is doing longarm quilting for others and someone has even asked her to finish a quilt top for her. Looks like she might have a new profession!

I have no idea what she plans to do with these quilts but I think she will probably sell them on eBay or something. We’ll see.

Well, we are off to Michigan on Monday for a week to look at buying some rental properties and to see the kids and grandkids. I have a love hate relationship with Michigan, I love to go there to see the kids and grandkids but I just don’t like Michigan. The mosquito is the state bird, the humidity means you gently perspire all the time (well I like to think I am a lady ;o) and it is a very old and run down state but other than that I’m really looking forward to it!

Will try to get updates as soon as I can with pictures no less and I might even be able to get a movie going of everyone which should be great fun! Till then, try not to get too weird on me…..

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