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Posted on February 08, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Tim here, doing an update for Sonja… She is busy in her sewing room and made a comment along the lines of “I’m not spending any more time in front of that bloody computer!” I think she my be having a moody day…

Baby Bouncer
Anyhow I just bought a Baby Bouncer for baby Leo!

Check out this video I found on Youtube of a Baby Bouncer in action.

When Claire was little she had one of these. I wish that I had a video camera back then. The video shows just what Claire was like when I put her in it. It was one of my secret weapons to get her to go to sleep. 15 minutes in her bouncer along with some upbeat music and she would pass out every time.

As it sounds like Leo is a very energetic baby, this is probably just the thing for him.

There seems to be quite a few crappy Baby Bouncers on the web, we were very disappointed with the first one we ordered and have taken it back. The one we settled on was the Bungee Baby Bouncer® and the link will take you to the site we found that appeared to have the best deal on it by far.

And here is a picture of Claire in her bouncer 1979…

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