Those Crazy Cats

Posted on October 30, 2010 by sonjabarrie

I just did a workshop at one of my quilt guilds, Flying Geese. It was a short 3 hour lesson on how to make a quilt called Those Crazy Cats by Buggy Barn. I just thought it was so cool I took some photos to show you.  No this is NOT the one I made, that one isn't even close to being done but I just had to take the class. Trouble is I now have another UFO (UnFinished Object) screaming at me every time I get near my sewing machine.

So many projects, so little time……..

Those Crazy Catz Quilt

Those Crazy Catz Quilt made in 'brights' (a term meaning bright colors not traditional colors)

Those Crazy Catz Quilt Cats and Flowers

Those Crazy Catz Quilt Cats and Flowers

Those Crazy Catz Quilt Cat Detail

Those Crazy Catz Quilt Cat Detail

Part of Those Crazy Catz Quilt

Part of Those Crazy Catz Quilt

Flower in Those Crazy Catz Quilt

Flower in Those Crazy Catz Quilt

Just goes to show you, quilting ain't what it used to be!  Think of quilts and quilt guilds and you immediately think of a bunch of little old ladies sitting in a circle making a drab old fashioned quilt.  It might surprise you to know that there are women AND men who quilt, some quite famous guys and pretty young too, who make a lot of money doing it and woman of all ages as well.  Now if I could just make enough from quilting to pay for all my fabric stash I would be happy but I doubt anyone can make THAT much money!


June 2016 Update.  I notice (finally) that there are a number of comments asking about the pattern.  I should have said when I first posted this, the pattern came from a book by Buggy Barn:

That Crazy Thing We Do
8 Crazy Pieced Designs. Projects in this book include:
Crazy Cats
Crazy Canoes
X Marks the Spot
Briar Rose
Strings of Time

Price: $35.00 each

I found the above informaton above at (this is not an affiliate link).  I don't know how many they have but you could probably find the book on ebay as well.

29 Responses to “Those Crazy Cats”

  1. Marcy

    - 13th Aug, 17 09:08am

    I was wondering if anyone had yet found a pattern or if someone with a good sweet heart for quilt would pass this great pattern on so it can be enjoyed by many. Thanks it looks like a great pattern.

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    • Ronda Jones

      - 19th Oct, 17 10:10am

      Hi. I am wondering if you found a copy of the crazy cat quilt pattern?

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  2. Rose Surratt

    - 22nd May, 17 07:05pm

    Love this quilt , would love to get a copy of pattern.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Rose

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  3. Leanne

    - 16th Mar, 17 09:03pm

    Does anyone know where to buy the pattern?

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  4. Candace spence

    - 15th Mar, 17 12:03pm

    Would love a copy of this pattern! 

    Please let me know if you still have it. 


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  5. Cheryl

    - 12th Feb, 17 09:02am


    l was wondering if you still have a copy of the Those Crazy Cats quilt from Buggy Barn's That Crazy Thing We Do?  I know your post is from 2010, but since I've searched the Internet with no luck, I thought I would at least ask.  The quilt is terrific!  I would love to give it a try. 

    I do not have a website.  I happened to see the picture on Pinterest. 

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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    • Anonymous

      - 11th Mar, 17 12:03am

      Hi, I was wondering did you ever find this pattern? I too would like to have this pattern, if possible could you please give me information on how I can get it. Thank-you

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  6. Judy hixson

    - 23rd Nov, 16 06:11am

    I found That Crazy thing we do book by Buggy Barn. All other 

    companies are sold out forever and mine came from Amazon. 

    If you will contact me I could send you a copy iof instructions if

    thst is not illegal since the company is out of busi


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    • Danuta Morris

      - 13th Dec, 16 05:12am

      i would like a copy of that Those crazy catz pattern,

      thank you danuta

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    • Fran Lemoine

      - 19th Jan, 17 10:01am

      Hello, I found this patchword very beautiful and I would like to have the pattern….Thanks


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    • Luanne Climenhaga

      - 2nd Feb, 17 02:02pm

      Hi, Judy. I have looked everywhere and can't find the Crazy Cat pattern. If you could email a Pdf of it to my email, I will forever be in your debt!

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    • Jennifer K

      - 15th Apr, 17 09:04am

      Love Those Crazy Cats!! Would you send me a copy of the pattern, please? Thank you! Thank you!

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    • mary

      - 20th Aug, 17 08:08pm

      if still available would love a copy of pattern

      thank you!

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    • Laura E

      - 3rd Oct, 17 07:10am

      Hi Judy,  If you are still offering to share the Crazy Cats pattern, please contact me.  Thank you!

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    • Ronda Jones

      - 19th Oct, 17 11:10am

      Hi Judy. Could I get a copy of the crazy cats quilt?  I would so very much appreciate this.   I found a copy of the book at the loybprucevofv$1749.00. Yikes!!

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  7. Megan Jo

    - 23rd May, 16 02:05pm

    Do you still have this pattern or know where I can get it? Absolutely beautiful!

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  8. Linda sodl

    - 9th Feb, 16 06:02pm

    Fabulous cat quilt. Would love to make it for my daughter, is pattern available?

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  9. Delma Watts

    - 30th Dec, 15 06:12pm

    I am a cat person and I would very much enjoy making this quilt.


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  10. alice. webb

    - 22nd Jul, 15 04:07pm

    how   do i   f2fet this  quilt   pattern thanks

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  11. Cyndi Cunningham

    - 4th Jun, 15 02:06pm

    I found the pattern in a kit at  the book undeniably cats is no longer in print at this time

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  12. Nancy Kelly

    - 3rd Jun, 15 08:06am

    I need this pattern

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  13. Judy

    - 23rd May, 15 04:05pm

    Where is the pattern. I got a book from The Buggy Barn, but it is not the same.  I would love to make this quilt.

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  14. Jeanne Coughlin

    - 5th Apr, 15 12:04pm

    Where can I get the pattern for this quilt and where can I get the exact material you have used here?  I LOVE this quilt.  Thanks.  

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  15. Dianne Wootten

    - 20th Sep, 14 02:09am

    I love the quilt, I am a cat person, I would love to by the pattern,   Great colours you use too.

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  16. patti

    - 16th Sep, 14 06:09pm

    have to have this pattern!!!!

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  17. Stephanie Tarver

    - 27th Nov, 12 08:11pm

    I love this crazy cat quilt. Where can I get the pattern for this. I would love tomake it for my granddaughter.

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  18. Barbie

    - 29th Aug, 12 06:08pm

    Love your choice of colors.  Must have the pattern. Where can I  get the pattern

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  19. Ann Marie

    - 28th Aug, 11 10:08am

    I absolutely love this quilt!!!

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  20. Ana Luisa Kaminski

    - 20th Feb, 11 11:02am

    Very beautifull work!!! I love cats.

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