Snow, Snow, Snow

Posted on December 26, 2008 by sonjabarrie

Dear Hubby clearing the driveway and no that’s not a white hat it’s a red ear muffler with frozen hair on top!

This is all I could see out of my kitchen window on Christmas morning!

It doesn’t really show here but that is a ridge of snow about 5 foot high out there!

Had a brilliant Christmas though, my BFF from Costa Rica came to stay and I had one of my daughters with us as well, then some friends came with their children and then it was off to the neighbors to socialize and eat all their food for the evening!

Really had fun times when our friends came over, this is their first white Christmas ever! They are from South Africa originally and they are just amazed at what snow looks, feels, smells and generally acts like. Basically, it was as usual horizontal snow with gale force winds and almost white out conditions. We felt very honored to share their first white Christmas with them. We even got them out shoveling snow!

Still didn’t get into my sewing room though and that baby quilt is not going to get finished by itself!

Dear daughter with some of her Christmas presents.

Hope all of you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a brilliant New Years and a prosperous 2009.

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