Quilts, Quilts, Quilts

Posted on May 10, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Well It is Laurens birthday tomorrow and as they are spending today at Disneyland I know they won't be reading this blog so I can now release pictures of the quilt I have made for them.

This first quilt for Lauren was the one I mostly finished at the retreat.  Here you can see the border is on and it is the same fabric as in the quilt itself, it's full of green frogs!

Laurens quilt

Lauren's quilt, it's for a single bed or twin bed depending on what side of the Atlantic you come from!

Back of Laurens Quilt

Back of Laurens Quilt, I had a bit of the frog material left so rather than do a plain back I inserted the frog material, this way she can have it up either side.

Laurens Label

Laurens Label

I enjoy making the labels as they look really good (in my humble opinion ;o) and I love putting a photo with it especially when I do one for the kids because they grow so quickly it's nice for them to look back and see how old they really were when they got the quilt.

I also like to put some sort of verse and of course the date, occasion if there is one and my name.  Laurens quote was:

The best kind of sleep under heaven above…..
is beneath this quilt handmade with LOVE

Here's the original picture I took on the beach yesterday:


Lauren Spano Dana Point Beach

A pretty good picture but to put the whole thing in a quilt label would mean you would lose the detail of her face.

So I cropped the photo the get just the part I wanted and then enhanced it so you could see her face better and voila:

Laurens Quilt Picture

Laurens Quilt Picture

I then pull it into PowerPoint and I can either print it from there or export it as a picture.

Laurens Quilt Label May 2010

Lauren's Quilt Label May 2010

Rosanne and Michaels king size quilt

Rosanne and Michael's king size quilt

Michael and Rosanne Quilt Label

Michael and Rosannes Quilt Label, the wording is a bit bawdy but I thought it very funny but then I am pretty weird as you all should know by now!

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  1. Charlene

    - 8th Jan, 11 05:01pm

    I really enjoyed seeing the idea of your quilt label.  Thanks for showing me what you did.  I watched you youtube video of your sewing room.  You are fortunate to have such a large area for your "toys". 

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