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I really do have to apologize for mouthing off in my last post. The HQ16 longarm quilting machine I have is actually a wonderful piece of engineering, I have since finished the quilt, put some practice material on the machine changed the thread and hey presto it sews like a genie! The moral: don’t buy Coats and Clark thread for an HQ16, the machine does not like it!

I really must find a name for her, she’s temperamental (only likes certain threads for example!) so she has to be female. Before any of you ladies out there can take offense, I’m female so I can say that, I’m also originally a blonde before I turned into a red head but that’s another story and we won’t go there!

Anyway I hope all of you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. We had a wonderful Christmas, my bff ‘V’ is here from Costa Rica and although she is my bff she is more like my sister, we get on great and have so much fun together. We both like to sew though I don’t make clothes so much any more, just quilt. She on the other hand loves to make clothes and has more Vogue patterns than Vogue themselves. What is even more frustrating is that although I consider my self slim (5’ 5” and a size 4) she is the epitome of a Vogue model. 5’ 7” and a size 0. B@#ch!!! (Good job she loves me!)

Christmas Day ‘V’ spent the day with us opening presents along with Dear Daughter, we also had friends over who are originally from South Africa and then moved to Australia and are now here in the USA. They brought their 2 wonderful children and we had a ball playing games and doing all those things that is fun to do with kids at Christmas. Made me really wish my grandkids lived close though. Later that day we went to see our neighbors who were having an open house and who is the best cook known to man. I wasn’t in the least bit hungry when we went but I still managed to stuff my face along with everyone else there and thankfully she sent me the recipe for her Artichoke Dip which was divine. Thanx Shan!

New Years Eve was great and very quiet, well Dear Hubby and I have been married for 25 years now so quiet evenings in are de rigueur! I stayed in my sewing room till 11:45pm after which I came down to the basement and sat with him watching Dick Clarks 150th New Years Eve show from Times Square and saw in the New Year and then off to bed. Boring but blissful!

No photos of Christmas or New Years to show you as I don’t have permission from those involved but what I have done instead is added some video of 2005 New Years in Sydney, Australia I took from our apartment balcony with my digital camera that is not a movie camera so it’s grainy but good! We spend 6+ months living in Sydney on business and we left on the 6th January 2006, these fireworks were the perfect send off, they lasted for almost an hour. On the right is Sydney Bridge and the rest of the fireworks are from a barge in Sydney Harbor.


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