elle est arrivée (and I’m not talking Beaujolais Nouveau!)

Posted on November 30, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Yes I’m back in Utah, AGAIN!  This post is kinda 2 posts in one, apart from the fact I have been too busy to post I have had limited to no internet for a week.  Now, as someone whose whole life IS the internet not having access for one day seems like a month, can […]

Where are my ace packers when I need them?

Posted on November 06, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Yes I'm moving again.  This time back to Utah.  For how long?  Who knows! Property values in Utah have now sunk so low we are under water with every house and because the last tenants (Mark and Rosalind Cazares) in one of the houses didn't pay their rent and cost us hugely to get them […]

Packing, packing, packing……………

Posted on January 05, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Did I ever tell you how much I hate packing!  It's boring, back breaking and very emotional.  The biggest problem with the moves we make is they are not usually a straight house to house move and this one is no exception. We are in the position AGAIN of just moving part of the household […]

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