The Joys of Disney, NOT!

Posted on May 11, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Rosanne, Michael and Lauren spent yesterday at Disney and had loads of fun, they were scheduled to stay 2 nights at the Disney hotel and I was supposed to meet them today to spend Laurens birthday with her at the Disneyland park.

All sounds great in theory until something comes along to throw a spanner in the works (or wrench if you are on the US side of the pond).  That spanner happened to be a pizza they bought in a restaurant in Disney, Michael and Lauren split it while Rosanne had a salad.  Smart move Rosanne!  by 2am Lauren was throwing up closely followed by Michael.

Being sick on your 7th birthday is no fun, doing it at a hotel is even less fun so by 10 am the next day they had checked out of the hotel and were back here where they would feel more comfortable.  Michael barely made it in the door before he hit the bathroom throwing up.

Such a shame but of course Lauren saw her presents sitting on the coffee table as they came in and ill or not she was not going to miss an opportunity to open presents!

Poor Sick Lauren

Poor Sick Lauren, and no we haven't been beating her, she had a dolphin painted on her face yesterday, the rest of it is still on her pillow!

Presents put a smile on Laurens face

Presents put a smile on Laurens face

Books and a quilt to cuddle under

Books and a quilt to cuddle under, what more could you ask for?  To be well again?

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