Where are my ace packers when I need them?

Posted on November 06, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Yes I'm moving again.  This time back to Utah.  For how long?  Who knows!

Property values in Utah have now sunk so low we are under water with every house and because the last tenants (Mark and Rosalind Cazares) in one of the houses didn't pay their rent and cost us hugely to get them out we are not only under water we are deeply in debt.  We now have to move back into the house and try and do some damage control, hopefully get a loan modification or something.

We found out as we were taking them to court that they had about 15 prior evictions!  All commercial but now they can add residential to that list.  The pain and destruction these sorts of people leave behind is unbelievable and what galls me the most is they both claim to be preachers and they have their own church!

Their restaurant web site talks about Rosalind's mother who started the church and "Elder Mark Cazares".  An Elder in the church he may be, trustworthy he isn't!  Even after swearing in court that he would pay the payments to pay off the debt he hasn't paid a penny and we just don't have the money to pursue it, he was also quite adamant that if we did sue him he would claim bankruptcy.  That would just hurt more people as you can bet he has other outstanding debt's.

Sorry, off my soapbox now LOL

So here I am up to my neck in boxes again and this time I don't have my ace packers Tracey, Kathy and Jeanette to help me.  Tim has been fantastic with the packing but with both of us working it sure doesn't leave much time for throwing stuff in boxes.  C'est la vie, ya just gotta do what ya just gotta do.

I'm looking forward to getting back and seeing Kathy and Tracey again but I shall miss all my new found friends here. Just keep your fingers crossed my back holds out, at least till we get insurance anyway ;o)

Just to show we really are packing:

2010 Nov packing Alisal Ave

2010 Nov packing Alisal Ave

2010 Nov packing Alisal Ave, more boxes

more boxes

2010 Nov packing Alisal Ave and living in a mess

I think this is what I hate the most, living in a mess.  You get to the stage where half is in boxes, some is half packed until you can find something to fill the odd space that's left and some you can't pack because you are using it.

Someone get me a new life, this one's broken!

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