We survived our FIRST earthquake!

Posted on April 05, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Wow, that was weird, we were just sitting watching a DVD when all of a sudden there was a really strange noise. It sounded like the DVD player was continually accessing the DVD, that kind of high squeaky noise it makes but we realized it was the walls and the outside deck shaking that was making the noise.

We weren't sure what to do this being our first earthquake and we wanted to double check to make sure we weren't actually hallucinating but when we got to the landing the chandelier was rocking back and forth like crazy.  There were all kinds of weird squeaking noises and although the movement was nowhere near strong enough to take you off your feet it felt like being on a boat.

I've been told there are 2 kinds of earthquakes, those that send tremors or shakes and those that send waves.  We definitely had the waves.  After all the sound had finished the ground still kept moving, it is so subtle that you doubt your senses, you grab something to hang on to because you think you are going to fall down due to dizziness or something, trouble is hanging on to something has no effect!

Anyway, it takes a moment or 2 for your brain to register what is happening and by then it is just about all over.  It really doesn't last long at all, here's a video of a girl who just happened to be doing a recording just as it started and this is just about what happened to us. (not the guitar playing but the shakes and stuff!).


Here's some pictures of the damage that occurred in case it wasn't on the news in your part of the world or like me you don't have TV service so couldn't get the news even if you wanted to!

This first picture gives you an idea of where it happened in relation to where we now live.


Earthquake Mexicali Mexico 4th April 2010

Earthquake Mexicali, Mexico, 4th April 2010

As you can see in relative terms we are not really that far away from the epicenter.  I don't think I EVER want to be near the epicentre of ANY earthquake.

Collapsed House Earthquake Mexicali Mexico 4th April 2010

Collapsed House in Mexicali, Mexico, 4th April 2010

Apparently there was no one inside this house at the time, thankfully.

store in Mexicali Mexico Earthquake 4th April 2010

A store in Mexicali, Mexico, Earthquake 4th April 2010

Grocery store in Mexicali Mexico Earthquake 4th April 2010

Grocery store in Mexicali, Mexico, Earthquake 4th April 2010

Escomex School in Mexicali Mexico Earthquake 4th April 2010

Escomex School in Mexicali, Mexico, Earthquake 4th April 2010

Now some pictures from the US side.

Evacuating Disneyland 4th April 2010

Evacuating Disneyland, 4th April 2010

I think this would be a complete nightmare, you've paid a lot of money to get in here, you've waited in who knows how many lines and now you have to leave the park to be told once everyone is outside that you can all come back in again now.  Not Fun!

Grocery store downtown Calexico California Earthquake 4th April 2010

Grocery store downtown Calexico, California,, Earthquake 4th April 2010

The store above is on the US side of the border, across from the town of Mexicali.

Barnes and Noble Palm Desert Earthquake 4th April 2010

Barnes and Noble, Palm Desert, Earthquake 4th April 2010

Windows out north and south entrances Sports Arena in San Diego

Windows out in the north and south entrances at the Sports Arena in San Diego



I've just been ruminating (as you do) about this blog post and what surprises me is how blasé I am about the whole thing.  I have been absolutely terrified of being here when a big earthquake hits, it was one of my biggest concerns about moving here and I have to say it was pretty much an anti-climax.  I've been expecting something along the lines of the movie 2012.  I joke about California falling into the Pacific but I don't really expect that to happen, more along the lines of the earthquake that hit in 1994 where people weren't allowed back in their houses because they were unsafe so they lost EVERYTHING.

I guess we must have picked a halfway decent area as this house and most of the houses in Laguna Hills area were built in the early 70's and are still standing.  Our insurance agent asked us if the house had been retro fitted for earthquakes and the landlord said "no, because it didn't need to be".  I may not have chosen the safest state in the Union to live in but I guess it's the best to be had considering.

We could have ended up in New Orleans or tornado alley (where ever that is) so I have to think positive thoughts and hope if it's my time to go I at least go out in a blaze of glory along with everyone else as we all fall into the ocean!

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