Update – Sonja in ICU but okay now!

Posted on June 06, 2013 by Tim Barrie

Sonja had some internal bleeding yesterday after the operation and had to go back in for a remedial procedure in the evening. They are kept her lightly sedated in intensive care (ICU) overnight to make sure she remained stable.  I got to see her last night and this morning though she was sedated, she looked better than I expected. The doctor said the remedial surgery went well, they were able to find the area that was bleeding, fix it and remove the blood.

The doctor said she is good and stable, no more bleeding, no sign of complications and wakes easily. I'm to go back at 12:30 (its 10:30am now for me) when they will have her awake and they expect her to be out of the ICU this afternoon…    

If anyone wants to talk to her or me, the best way is skype – you should be able to see when we are online or send me an email tim_barrie@msn.com.

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