Summer is here and my babies have gone :o(

Posted on July 14, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Woke up yesterday morning to brilliant sunshine, first time in almost 2 months and it seems way longer than that.  I was warned when we moved to this part of California to watch for the "June Gloom" and gloomy is right.  Every morning it is completely gray and somewhat chilly, if you are lucky the sun will burn through the clouds by afternoon and even then the wind can be really cold.

Here at the house it might be warm with a slightly cooling breeze but you drive to the beach and it is still covered in cloud with a cold wind and you really do have to wear sweaters.  A bit disappointing when you are in California for a vacation and all you want to do is sit on sandy beaches and watch the waves.  Well, that you can do but not in a swimsuit!

Yesterday the weather finally cleared.  Woke up to glorious sunshine and it got really warm, enough that I had to turn on the AC, first time ever!  The most disappointing thing though is Claire, Gianni and Leo left on Sunday, 2 days early!!!  C'est la vie!

We did get some good times though walking about and even managed some beach time even if it was a bit chilly.

Gianni and Leo Braving the Sea

Gianni and Leo Braving the Sea, even with sun out you can tell its cold by the lack of people on the beach and everyone just getting their feet wet! The one afternoon when it was really warm the beach was packed.

Claire so cold she had to borrow her dads fleece!

Claire was so cold she had to borrow her dads fleece!

Leo trying to climb a huge tree

Leo trying to climb a huge tree

Leo and Grandpa

Leo and Grandpa, put 2 boys together and you're just asking for trouble!

Family Fun!

Family Fun! Back row: Gianni and me, Front row: Tim, Claire Yates, our Claire and Leo

4th of July weekend we were lucky enough to have our Claire's best friend from Uni, Claire Yates, come to visit.  She is always fun and that weekend was no exception, the only problem was she was here for such a short time.  She bow lives in Cincinnati so we are hoping to see more of her.

I have to say it is way to quiet here now, and tidy.  I'd take the toys and stuff everywhere and the crying, the works just to have them back, Leo was such good fun and I so enjoyed taking him to the park, giving him baths, rocking him to sleep in my arms.  As I said on Facebook, this being a long distance grandmother sucks big time!

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