Sonja left the hospital today and doesn’t need her stick!

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Tim Barrie

Sonja leaves hospital Thiursday June 13th Day 8 After OpMissed a day, sorry guys!  Day 8 Post-Op

Sonja left the hospital today and doesn’t need her stick!

After a visit from Dr. Clavel, several from the nurses and a whole bunch of pills to take over the next several days as well a daily (anti-coagulant) injection pack, she has to do herself, they let her out.

We have two follow-up visits back to the hospital next week with Dr. Clavel and the heart doctor.  We also have a great set of Xrays that show the new disks, I'll try to upload them as soonm as we can get an electronic copy. They will also be sending a physiotherapist to our apartment next week.  All in all the level of care here has been excellient!

Quiron Hospital Grey Building 01aWhile Sonja had a bit of a re-lapse yesterday (we think she had just over done it a bit) she is in good shape.  Her back ached a lot we think she did a bit too much stretching, dressing herself.  Today though she is in great shape and good spirits.

She tires quickly, packing and a taxi ride to the apartment wiped her out for a good couple of hours.

Sonja is walking well, though slowly.  Most of important, no pain!  Just post operation aches and a very delicate tummy… Quiron Hospital is the big grey building in the top right of this picture.

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  1. Tonya G.

    - 17th Jun, 13 03:06pm

    Your free! YAY! XD

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  2. Ute & Gerd

    - 17th Jun, 13 02:06am

    Wow !  It is so great to see you standing and smiling and using the stick only as deco. We are so glad that this went so well. All our love, Ute & Gerd

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  3. Hollie

    - 15th Jun, 13 09:06am

    Sounds like an absolute mircle story Sonja.  Thank you hubby for the updates.  relax and look at that beautiful view.


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  4. Charyl Sieler

    - 15th Jun, 13 09:06am

    Sonja, you are the miracle patient!  I have been following your blog every day and I just know it won't be much longer before you are back to sewing and quilting.  Take care, my thriend…and I can't wait to see you back on CT ASAP!!!  Charyl

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  5. Jean Romack

    - 15th Jun, 13 08:06am

    Been thinking of you alot – life gets in the way of checking up on my CT friends, so glad you are up and outta there – take care and look forward to seeing you back on CT with us.  Cant wait for you to be able to sew again!!! xoxoxoxo

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  6. Rosanne

    - 15th Jun, 13 08:06am

    YEAH!!!  So glad you were able to leave wihtout your stick…now don't overdo it!    We love you and can't wait to see you:)

    Dad, Great job on the blog, it has been really nice to know whats going on!

    Miss you both. xx

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  7. Kathy

    - 14th Jun, 13 12:06pm

    I'm sure you are so relieved to be out of the hospital.  As good as the care is I don't think you get any quality rest there because they're constantly checking on you and taking your blood pressure and on and on.  I hope your first night out of the slammer was a good one.  I know I'm not a very good person to take advice from but do try to go slowly and don't push too hard.  That is the reason you're in this shape remember.  You never slow down and you work way too hard so go easy for a while.  Lots of love to you Sonja and Tim.

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  8. Frank

    - 13th Jun, 13 06:06pm

    Sonja, Joe and I are so greatful to see you up and around now.  We were worried for you.   To see this picture of you leaving makes me smile.  It was wonderful meeting you before, scary to see you after but very nice seeing you feeling better and now WOW!!!  I wish you a speedy (take your time recovery).  You are a feisty Beautiful Lady! 

    PS tell Tim to stop shaking the bed.  It hurts.  Just kiddin  tell him we said hello.  Im home back to work already.  darn boss. oh thats me, darn boss


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  9. McJagger

    - 13th Jun, 13 02:06pm

    Great news guys!!!!  I hope these are the first few baby steps on the road to a life long pain free back!!!  We got to the hospital early today and must have just missed you :(.  Stopped in a had a great visit with Mike and his wife. I left a message on Tim's phone, or at least I think it was his phone as the automatic answering voice was in Spanish :). We are until Tuesday so let us know if your up for a visit….if we don't meet up we wish you a full and healthy recovery and remember if you even have the slightest thought that you are doing too much then you probably are. Slow and easy wins the race in this case. 

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