Sonja is much more coherent – even bossy : )

Posted on June 06, 2013 by Tim Barrie

3pm went down to see Sonja in ICU with Yolanda and she was much more coherent. She knew what was going on and was chatty and somewhat bossy.  She was still somewhat intermittently confused though and bossy at least to me. We chatted for an hour with Yolanda, the doctor came and said they she is recovering nicely. 

She has a tube up her nose into her tummy which she is not happy about but it has to stay there for another day or two. She complained that her back was hurting and the doctors gave her some more analgesic, she went to sleep fairly quickly.  The doctors said it’s best that she does not try to work too hard to communicate and remember details (which she was doing) rest and relaxation is better for her right now. Dr Clavel said he would check on her tonight and tomorrow am.

5pm, as she will be staying in ICU for tonight I decided to go back to the apartment to get some clean cloths and maybe a better night’s sleep, will be back first thing tomorrow.

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