Sonja feels that she really turned a corner today

Posted on June 10, 2013 by Tim Barrie

Nurses Looking after Sonja Day 4 Post Op Miriam on LeftSonja feels like she turned a corner today. She got me out of bed in the morning and made me take her for a walk before I could even get dressed or get a coffee!!!!!

After a short rest she then got up again so she could have breakfast sitting up.

Within a few minutes she wanted to have her first trip to the bathroom!  She was very pleased about that.

The drips have been mostly removed, she is just occasionally having antibiotics.

Sonja up and aboutSonja is starting to feel restless, also a bit uncomfortable and achy lying in bed but not in any pain

Dr. Clavel came by and said she is doing great.  She still has a little fluid on her lungs but that should naturally clear up over the next several days. He thinks she will be about another 3-4 days before she is ready to leave the hospital.

After about an hour’s rest she got restless again and wanted to get out of bed and walk some more.  This time she walked a lot further, out of the room and down the corridor a bit

By 10:30am the house doctor came by and said the nurse could take her catheter out, Sonja was very very pleased about that.

I got instructions from the nurse about keeping her “pee pee” and to let her know when she goes : )

The house doctor said that they would do a couple more tests on her heart but that the tests they had taken only showed mild irregularities.  That they were normal given the fluids and transfusions

Sonja having breakfast by the windowSonja has had no problems with palpitations since she has been sleeping slightly elevated

About 12 noon I went to the local store and Sonja had been washed, she also went to the bathroom again – all by herself!

I see a big difference in her, even compared to before the surgery.  She is chearful and not weighed down by the continuous pain in her lower back.

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  1. Ute & Gerd

    - 11th Jun, 13 05:06am

    No, we're not anonymous either 😉

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  2. Anonymous

    - 11th Jun, 13 05:06am

    Sonja, we are so glad to see you sit and walk already and to read that you become your restless self again.

    Tim, you do fantastic jobs in supporting Sonja and keeping us up to date.

    Two thumbs up, guys !

    All our love, Ute & Gerd

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  3. Lillyth

    - 10th Jun, 13 11:06pm

    Please tell Sonja from me that I am happy she is doing okay!  Bummer about the internal bleeding, but I am glad she is out of the woods, so to speak.

    The pictures make me smile not only because I actually get to SEE Sonja, but also because I recognise the same nurse that wanted me to make "pee-pee", LOL!

    Please let her know I am thinking about her, and in just a few months from now she will be doing even better!  Also let her know to look forward to a fb friend request from me!

    Kisses and Hugs from Lillyth!

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  4. Nancy

    - 10th Jun, 13 01:06pm

    Glad to see you are doing well. I have been checking on your progress through the posts and keeping John informed as well. Do I see marathons in your future?

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    • Tim Barrie (author comment)

      - 10th Jun, 13 02:06pm

      Tim writing for Sonja

      not sure about a marathon but I think I may be able to leap tall buildings!

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  5. Tracey Gass

    - 10th Jun, 13 06:06am

    Sorry…. The above post was from me! I pressed send before putting in my name. Nothing anonymous about me!

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  6. Anonymous

    - 10th Jun, 13 06:06am

    Yay! I'm so glad that the op was a success. Sonja, you are THE strongest person I know and are a true inspiration!! I've been thinking about you a lot all weekend and completely forgot to check the blog for updates…I've just read them all now and thanks to Tim for all the amazing info. If you're feeling this good after only a few days, I can just imagine how you'll feel next week, month or year? Maybe you will be leaping tall buildings after all!! 😀 

    We send you lots of love, hugs and moral support all the way from Utah and can't wait to see you sometime in the near future xxx

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