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Posted on June 04, 2013 by sonjabarrie

This is what I posted on the ADR forum, sorry too tired to write or rewrite this. Don’t know when I’ll be able to post again but as Tim is willing to post for me you will at least get a different perspective on things. He should be posting pics of me pre and post surgery (nice……not LOl).

Did all the pre-op today, pretty easy, quick, streamlined, everyone very helpful and courteous.

Got done by 11am but anesthetist wasn’t available to 2pm so Yolanda took us into the cafeteria where there are couches so I could lay down. By 11am my back was really painful and my stomach thought my throat had been cut!

Laid on the couch and fell fast asleep after a really nice, gluten free, local potato sandwich thingy. A doctor came in to eat around 1:30pm and was really worried because I was fast asleep and he thought I might be ill. I’m woken up by Tim, and he really had to shake me to wake me up as the jet lag had really kicked in.

I open my eyes to see ER nurses and doctors all around me with a wheelchair, the works! I guess someone asleep on a couch in the cafeteria is not a sight they see everyday. I just HAD to lay down though.

I wouldn’t mind but they thought I would be more comfortable in a waiting room with just chairs LOL we managed to tell them we were there for Dr Clavel and they called Yolanda who rescued us.

She is as everyone says, nice, helpful, with very good English, she sorted our cell phones that were in Spanish and were unusable because we couldn’t find the PIN number, understand the manual or read the screens! She set the language to English and presto we can make calls within Spain.

Big day tomorrow, they are picking us up at 7:15am but the surgery is not scheduled till pm sometime.

Told everyone we met how we all thought they were gods or angels or at the very least everyone who has gone before says Hi and thank you.

Met Frank in the hall way, he says he’s never posted on the forum but he knew me so he must be on there enough to know my surgery date. He is also scheduled for tomorrow but his is cervical. We are tossing to see who goes first!

Yolanda told us, and those coming should take note, in the US and UK they will put you on a morphine drip etc, she said the first day you will feel like you have been hit by a train and if you have any pain medication bring it and take it. They just don’t give that sort of stuff here so the Spanish have a (higher, lower?) tolerance and need less pain meds.

I think this also means if you are in pain don’t be afraid to shout and moan or you won’t get anything. I’ll let you know how that works out

Very tired now, back screaming coz no more Fentanyl patch, can’t wait till tomorrow but scared too. Hope these old bones are up to the task

Will post again when I can but hubby is keeping my blog up to date with my progress here at My Weird And Wacky Life if you want to see how it goes.

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