On The Road Again

Posted on July 27, 2010 by sonjabarrie

You know having a business in a different state than you live in can be a bit of a pain to say the least.  I have just had to drive up from California to Utah again in order to get a house ready to rent out. I always do it in 2 stages as it's such a long drive, 6 hours to Mesquite, Nevada where I spend the night and then another 6 hours to Sandy, Utah. Luckily this time it didn't hurt anywhere near as much as before.  Last time I had to drive up here it cost me three days laying down and I had to use a walking stick for a couple of days as well.

This time the Doc had just put me on a course of Prednisone to bring down the inflammation in my back that was causing, of all places, huge amounts of pain in my left hip.  It has been hurting like mad for ages and I figured it was my bursa playing up again, well I guess it could have been but whatever the Predmisone took the pain away.  Hallelujah!  No walking stick and only medium pain in my back, now that I can live with!

Still can't bend over without pins and needles down my left leg and there is still a numb area on the front of my left shin but basically the worst of the pain is gone.

So why am I back in Utah?  My renters were finally evicted so I had to go back and make sure the house was OK and get it rent ready, they left it really clean considering the circumstances but as usual there are always hidden issues.  While they had cleaned it well a lot of the drawers and cupboards needed a better wipe out, loads of the handles were loose, a toilet was so loose when you sat on it the thing seemed to rock you back off again! They also had enough pictures on the walls to paper the moon and had decided to put curtains over every single frikkin window in that house (and each window already has real wood blinds!) and at 7200 square feet that's a lot of house and a LOT OF WINDOWS!!!!!

Naturally when I start to take out the screws the plaster falls off too, by the time I had put blue tape where every hole was the house looked like it had gotten an Alien Disease! Then there was the weeding, the faucets that were loose, the grout that was missing……you get the idea.  Here I am a week later and I am still working on it.

Here's the house:

Windy Ridge in Herriman, Utah

Windy Ridge in Herriman, Utah

And here's some of the almost 200 holes I had to fill:

8 Holes Above Just One Door

8 Holes Above Just One Door

The Hunt and Peck Guide To Putting Up Pictures

The Hunt and Peck Guide To Putting Up Pictures

Plaster falling out

Plaster falling out

I have been extremely lucky, I have some wonderful neighbors who live right behind where we used to live on Woodsmere Lane and they have been so generous and helpful, Zac came over and did some of the grouting for me and sorted out the toilet, I manage to fix most stuff but that one was a bit beyond me but now I have seen him do it I know how! Rosemary helped get the spackling done in the holes,  saved me hours of work and they lent me their weed and feed spreader and Shop Vac. On top of which they invited me to a BBQ with all their family who are loads of fun and I was able to crash at their place so I didn't have to drive all the way back to Sandy.

I also have another BFF I have to mention because as usual Kathy has gone all out to let me stay at her place, lend me her carpet shampooer and, when I am finally done with the house and have the time, will sew with me (when she gets home from work that is!)

With friends like that you certainly can't ask for more.

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  1. Travis

    - 27th Jul, 10 01:07pm

    Come up and have some Thai food Sonja.  How long you in town for?

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