My Life Before and After

Posted on July 15, 2013 by sonjabarrie

So how can getting three new disks change your life?  This past year has, by and large, meant I have been house bound.  Any trips out brought on unbearable pain and days in bed recovering. Difficult at best but catastrophic when you are try to run your own business. I am lucky in that we have enough staff now that I can delegate a lot and Tim has taken on the rest but there are still things that only I can do.

Keeping the books in shape, setting up web sites, doing payroll, it all takes time and energy, and while it can be done laying on your back with a hospital table over you holding an extra screen and your laptop, it is not ideal to say the least.

Just holding my arms up to type can, over time, cause more pain. So what’s a girl to do? In previous posts I have talked about Tim’s idea to get Artificial Disk Replacement (ADR) and while I at first scoffed that it was even possible, I came to realize that if I want my life back it was the only option. I did not under any circumstances want a fusion.

Fusion is wrought with problems but as it is just about the only thing approved by the FDA most people have no choice. ADR had been approved in Europe for over 20 years and the replacement disks the FDA have approved are mostly out of date in Europe.  A sad state of affairs indeed.

So after evaluating 5 different doctors in three different countries I chose Dr. Clavel in Barcelona Spain. So, you may ask, how did that work out for you?

Watch the video and decide for yourselves.

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  1. Laura Stevens

    - 18th Aug, 13 04:08pm

    Hi, Sonja,

    We 'know' each other through Connected Threadz.  I have been away sailing for six weeks and I am only just getting back to catching up with all the posts.  I have wondered how you are getting on and asked a general question on the site but without reply.  I haven't found anything since the 19th July and would love to know if you are any better.

    I hope you have had further improvement and are no longer in pain.

    I hope you can let me know sometime that you are ok but I will understand if I don't hear from you for a while.

    Take Care,

    Laura xx

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