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Posted on October 22, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Well for those of you that don’t follow me on FaceBook I thought I’d let you all know what’s up.  My back has been playing up for the last three months and my Orthopedic surgeon sent me for physio but it only helped about 70%.  Then Sunday I went to lift something, twisted wrong and was in immediate pain.  I was OK but hurting a lot until yesterday (Tuesday) when the pain got so bad I was literally screaming.  Tim took me to ER (A&E for you Brits) where they put me on a pain med drip that finally got the pain under control.

After an emergency MRI I finally have a diagnosis. A free floating piece of disk which will probably result in surgery. The pain was so bad 2 x 7.5mg Lortab didn’t even begin to touch the pain, they now have me on 2 x 7.5mg Percocet which I’ve just taken. Fingers crossed they work or I will have to go back to the hospital and they will admit me and put me in a drip. The funny bit was when the ER doc looked straight at Tim and said he had to cook, clean, do laundry, the works, he then looked at me and said make a list this may be your only chance!!! LOL Apparently I just have to lie in bed and do nothing. Works for me!

Saw the surgeon today and the good news is they definitely know what’s wrong with me, even I could see it on the MRI, another herniated disk which has broken off and lodged in the spinal canal, bad news is I am scheduled for surgery on Monday and they will have to cut out extra bone this time to get it all out. How they do this as an outpatient surgery is beyond me but I will be home by late afternoon Monday. Ces’t la vie!

The other reason they are doing the surgery is the  disk is pressing on my spinal cord and causing my left leg to lose strength, it’s all wobbly and I would fall over without my cane, apparently if they don’t sort it soon it could stay that way, as it is it will need a lot of hard work to get it functioning properly again but that is the same problem I had with my other leg.  Lots of walking and practicing heel to toe rather than letting the foot flop and stuff, phisical therapists will have a field day!

Will send and update after the surgery.


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