Major Milestone for ME!

Posted on October 10, 2013 by sonjabarrie

Major Milestone for ME!

Most of you probably do this all the time and don’t even give it a thought but the other day Tim and I went to the movies.  I walked in unassisted, no walking stick, nothing, I sat there watching the movie for almost 2 hours, I then got up out of the seat unassisted, walked down the steps, out of the theater and to the car.

You have no idea how momentous that was.  I have not been to the movies in almost a year because of the pain of trying to sit through a whole movie.  I could only get there with the aid of a walking stick. Getting out of the seat after sitting in it for the length of an average movie took someone’s help and was painful, and the pain in trying to walk after sitting there for so long was usually unbearable to the point that I gave up going.

It wasn’t until I was bounding down the steps after the movie that it struck me.  I got out of the seat unaided.  I am skipping down the steps with no stick and no pain.  I was able to walk all the way to the car without limping or almost crying in agony!!!

When I say that my operation was life changing I mean it.  Take a look at the follow-up video we just made of me 4 months post op:

and if you haven’t seen it yet this is what I was like before and just after the surgery:

I even managed to go for a short bike ride. Yipee!

Sonja 4 months post op



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  1. andrew

    - 28th Jun, 17 07:06am

    Hello, I saw your youtube videos.  I am also considering 3 level lumbar ADR with Dr Clavel, I can walk with not much problems but sitting, sleeping, sports are all gone for me.  I love to talk to you through email if you have some time.  my email is in the comment, I certainly know all about your movie story, going to dinner with friends or a movie so hard for me, usually do not have much pain in the act of sitting but getting up its so difficult

    Thanks You


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  2. Kim

    - 28th May, 14 08:05pm

    Just wanted to thank you for posting your story.  I had a one level Lumbar ADR done in March by Clavel and am doing great.  I only found out about this option through my own research and still I was so scared.  Finding your story gave me a little hope in a terrible ordeal.  

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  3. john polanco

    - 24th Apr, 14 08:04pm

    hello , its there any way to know aproximatly the cost of this implants and surgery …without insurance..?

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    • sonjabarrie (author comment)

      - 11th Feb, 17 01:02pm

      Hi John

      Take a look at my FAQ page.  I answer a lot of questions there that I get asked repeatedly. Let me know if you need any other information.

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  4. Larry

    - 30th Jan, 14 08:01pm

    Hi,  just wanted to wish you the best in continued recovery.  I am in the middle of making a similar decision and would like to ask several questions.  I attempted emailing you with the email address you furnished on the Barcelona Spine Center web site but had the mail returned to me earlier today.  Have you changed your email address since the trip to Barcelona?

    Best wishes, Larry

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    • Sonja Barrie

      - 8th Feb, 14 12:02pm

      Hi Larry

      I just double checked and I see that my old Hotmail address is still there, I will get that changed immediately!  You can reach me here and I'll try to answer your questions.


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  5. Frank Perri

    - 23rd Jan, 14 05:01pm

    Hey Young Lady!

    You look Fantastic!  I hope it is still the same or even better.  I had to go back on December 15th to see our mutual freind dr Clavel.  Finally blew out my Lumbar really bad this time after fighting it for 18 years.  Did a double.  L3-4-5 on December 18.  Still fighting the stomach and I can only feel for what you went through now.  No complications other than going in after three months of heavy training and putting on 15lbs of muscle and 7% loss in body fat.  Clavel really had to beat me up to get in there.  So I can only imagine how bad you felt with him going in 3 times.  

    Three of a kind still beats two pair (two inthe neck and two in the lumbar).


    Beautiful and Vibrant!!!  Great to see you like this.

    Wishing you continued sucess and peace of mind.

    Stay well my Lady!

    All the best, 

    Frank Perri

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    • Sonja Barrie

      - 8th Feb, 14 12:02pm

      Hey Frank

      How are you doing now? Hopefully recovering well, I went through a bad patch between 4 and 6 months post op with my back aching badly on and off but it passed so don't worry if that happens to you.  You don't heal fully inside for at least 6 months so it's no surprise to go through the aches occasionally.  Had my first set of xrays done at 7 months (yeah I know missed the 3 months but I wasn't worried) and everything is fine.  I can even sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day with no problems though I do try to use the treadmill during the day and get up often.

      I can't believe how much relief I have from pain now. I even amaze myself when it will suddenly come to me that I haven't had a twinge of pain in weeks! Going from suicidal with the pain to being 'normal' (whatever that is) and having no life, to being able to look forward to a full life is wonderful.  I can't thank Dr Clavel and the staff at the Barcelona Spine Clinic enough.  They literally gave me my life back.

      I really hope your surgery gives you relief too, let me know how you are doing.

      Look after yourself.


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  6. Laura Stevens

    - 20th Nov, 13 11:11am

    Hi, Sonja.  Great news that you are so much better.  Are you able to carch up with the housework?  Are you limited in any way as to what you can do?  I am so pleased you have come through the end of your dark tunnel and can enjoy life again.

    Best wishes, Laura x

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  7. Kathy

    - 4th Nov, 13 03:11pm

    I'm so, so happy for you Sonja!!

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