Living in California has its perks!

Posted on September 28, 2010 by sonjabarrie

I have to say I am very lucky and didn't realize how good this rental; house was going to be when we rented it.  Apart from the fact that it's a nice house it has all these orange trees and while the ones in the back have no oranges left as they are busy growing a new batch, the tree in the front is doing both.  There are all these wonderful oranges there for the picking and at the same time there are loads of new oranges growing.

The oranges on this tree are so juicy as to be almost unbelievable.  On my last trip to Utah I brought back my fruit picker and have been going out every morning and picking oranges, juicing them and drinking the sweetest orange juice I have ever had.

It only takes about 4 oranges to get a large glass of juice and if you don't like pulp it's easy to strain that out.  I don't mind some pulp and as it's good roughage anyway I leave it all in there.

If you fancy a nice cool, fresh glass of orange juice just come visit!

Fruit Picker

This is the Fruit Picker I brought here from Utah.  I bought it there as we had apricot and peach trees in the yard.  Works great on oranges too!

Sonja Picking Fresh Oranges

Sonja Picking Fresh Oranges, certainly safer than me trying to reach them on a ladder.

Oranges and the Fruit Picker

Oranges and the Fruit Picker, it's really easy to use, you put the fruit into the basket and the hooks on the top of the basket grab the fruit as you pull it.


Oranges for Juice

Oranges for Juice.  This is what "real" oranges look like, not perfect by any means but no chemicals either! I picked 6 but 4 fill a big 8oz glass.

Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh Orange Juice! Just 4 oranges filled this glass and it is amazingly sweet.

New crop of oranges September 2010

New crop of oranges September 2010, as you can see this tree is a prolific producer of oranges.

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