Life’s Little Challenges

Posted on September 04, 2013 by sonjabarrie

It has been a slow recovery, I felt bad all the time I was on the antibiotics which was 7 days in the hospital and another 14 when I got out. Although I started to feel better in myself when they stopped, just over a week ago, being on antibiotics that long has had a detrimental effect on my body.  The flight down here to Orlando probably didn’t help but I don’t think that caused my problem.

I didn't give it a thought but antibiotics kill the good with the bad, which means my defenses are down even further now.  Case in point, last week I had a can of Progresso Clam Chowder for dinner, about 7pm.  It's gluten free and I love it.  By midnight I am having REALLY bad cramps.

One am and the diarrhea starts. 3am hubby drove to an all-night Walmart and gets me Imodium and an expensive ear thermometer.  He's freaking out that maybe I need to go to ER again but at least the new thermometer reassures him I have no temperature.  The doctors in the hospital really drummed into him that I should go in at the first sign of a raised temp.

Anyway, the Imodium seems to work and the cramps stop around 5am.  LONG night! My guts really hurt from all the cramping. 

This week I had a homemade salad, most of the ingredients are the same as the salad I ate the night before.  My hubby has way more of a dickey tummy than me and can and will throw up anything suspect almost immediately.  He had the same salad and was fine.

Me, around 1am I knew I was gonna lose it.  I felt a bit 'off' after eating dinner around 8pm and just felt worse as the evening progressed. But you just KNOW when the time comes.  At least it was quick and I felt much better afterwards, was even able to sleep the rest of the night.

The only thing we can think of is that my immune system was compromised back in June with the surgeries and blood transfusions and then the Spanish UTI's which were not eradicated with Utah specific antibiotics causing the sepsis/blood poisoning further reducing my immune response.

I'm thinking the slightest bacteria now is overwhelming what good flora and fauna is in my gut.  I have been on pro-biotics and vitamins since I got out of the hospital just over 3 weeks ago.  Anyone got any other suggestions for boosting my immune system (apart from washing my hands which I do ALL the time)?

Other than that, I am getting better.  That weak feeling I had where I couldn't shower, dress myself, go upstairs etc. after getting out of the hospital has receded.  I am still not strong enough to do PT and my 3 month xrays are due now.  I am going to hold off on them for a bit as getting irradiated right now may not be in my best interests ;o)

My back does not hurt for the most part YEAHHHHH but it does ache a lot when I have to sit for more than an hour.  Not having that all-encompassing back pain means I can take all these setbacks in my stride.  Nothing can be as debilitating and soul destroying as that old back pain so every cloud has a silver lining.

I will try to get back here as often as I can to keep you updated but I guess the long and short of it is, I am still here for better or for worse and I am slowly gaining ground even if it does feel like two steps forward one back sometimes.

It's the monsoon / hurricane season here in Orlando and it chucks down with rain almost every afternoon.  Humidity is around 90% with the temperature around 92F.  Wet, hot and sticky.  Still the water birds seem to like it.

Herons around Floridas ubiquitous water

Heron around one of Florida's ubiquitous water areas in a raging downpour! Its raining so hard you can barely see him which makes me wonder why I took the picture except it makes a differnce from the usual beach, sun, blue sky ones everyone takes ;o)

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  1. Laura Stevens

    - 5th Sep, 13 03:09am


    Pleased things are progressing even if slowly.  Can you take plain yoghurt?  That can sometimes help the gut and the antibiotics may well have overwhelmed your intestinal good guys.  I will ask Mel, daughter who studied this sort of thing as part of her course, if she has any little tips as I am sure you have had lots of professional advice.

    Take care,

    Laura  x

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    • Sonja

      - 1st Nov, 13 06:11pm

      Hi Laura

      Nice to hear from you.  I'm downing quarts of Yoghurt and am really on the mend now (fingers crossed). I still have a way to go before I have all my own blood after all the transfusions and I still have days where I feel quite weak but all in all I feel 'normal' again, whatever that is LOL.

      I was supposed to get xrays of my three new disks a month ago to make sure they are still in place but I feel good so I am assuming they are where they ought to be ;o) I shall however have to get them done soon as I must have them at the 6 months mark. I shall post them on this blog for all to see.

      My last pee culture came back negative on the 14th of October so I am working hard to make sure it doesn't come back, I had enough UTI's now to last a lifetime. Doctor still has no idea what caused them all.

      I'm hoping one of these days to make it back to the UK and it would be so nice to finally meet you even if it does mean traveling the length of the country from Portsmouth where we are from to Scotland. Sounds like a fun trip though.  Keep in touch and happy quilting!

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