It’s good to be “home”

Posted on March 28, 2010 by sonjabarrie

The only really bad part of the whole trip was coming back to mounds of mail.  I managed to get rid of all the junk mail and separate the magazines and I still had a 6 inch pile of mail that needed to be entered into the accounting package or sorted in someway then filed, the weird part is I get all my bills and utilities paid automatically so I don't have to worry about them along with online statements. Where does all this come from? I was only gone just over 3 weeks. Yikes I dread to think what would happen if I took a serious sabbatical.

6 inch pile of "important" mail

6 inch pile of "important" mail the junk mail filled a garbage bag!

I guess that will teach me to start my own business and have 5 houses to worry about plus all the Internet marketing stuff. AND I can't sit at a desk for an hour without my back hurting!  I shall be going through this mail for weeks and more keeps coming.  The mailbox was full today, help I'm drowning in paperwork.

The orange tree in the front of the rental house.

The orange tree in the front of the rental house. This is what I left back in California….

Snow in Utah

Snow in Utah, this is what I got in Utah….

Snow in Utah, pretty but cold!

Snow in Utah, pretty but cold!

It is good to be 'home' though, the weather is really warming up, there are birds singing everywhere and the orange trees are blossoming and the scent is wonderful.  Won't be long before it is beach weather, in fact it is supposed to be 78F Saturday (26th March) and 81F on Sunday (27th March), I think I would call that beach weather! I might even put in some annuals in the yard to brighten it up (or hide all the dropping oranges which ever works).  Yes I know it's a rental but I like playing in the dirt what can I say!

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