In the hospital!!! (and out again ;o)

Posted on August 09, 2013 by sonjabarrie

In the hospital!!!

I'll keep this short as I don't have very long lucid periods!



Was ill last Saturday 26th July with what I thought was thrush/yeast infection.

Sunday went & bought Monistat 1. Hurt worst to pee than ever. Used bladder pain meds given a couple of weeks ago.

Monday tough it out hoping Monistat will work but feel worse.

Tuesday 29th, get in to Drs office at 6:30pm, see a DO (no idea what that means) but apparently I have open ulcers where I shouldn't. He has no idea what to do for me, sends me home after drawing culture, pee and blood samples, no treatment tho.

Got the shivers in the middle of the night, so bad it woke Tim, he got me a hot water bottle and hot milk which calmed them down. Went back to bed but a couple of hours later they were back just as bad.

Wednesday 31st, I am real bad, get in to see my Dr and thankfully it's 11am and he's there. He gave me a shot, prescription for antibiotic, draws more blood, tells me if no improvement in 2 or 3 days go to ER.

Wednesday 31st, after dr visit really cold so spent about 3 hours asleep on the deck in the shade. Tim wakes me up around 3pm and asks me question, I am incoherent. He cannot get a proper response and I have no idea what he is saying.

Takes me to ER where I am admitted straight to ICU.

2013-08-01 22.24.58

Me in ICU


9th August
Out of hospital finally, nearly didn't make it this time, my BP went down to 46/23 in ER but they brought me back. Almost an out of body experience watching them run around trying to get me back, I was unconcerned but I guess being so ill will make you so detached.

So it appears my earlier bladder/urinary tract infection was not cleared up with the antibiotics so it went into my kidneys, caused an abscess on my kidney and then leaked into my blood stream causing sepsis (which I think is blood poisoning) hence my dive into incoherence.

So it took a week to find the right antibiotics but they finally got there so I am on the mend. Thought I felt weak before, holy moly I feel like a 90 year old that needs oxygen LOL this will be a long uphill battle getting better. I am struggling to eat and am losing weight still, down to 122lbs now which at 5' 6" is too skinny (even I can see I look like an ad for African Food Aid!)

At least I am still alive which is a big surprise and will try to get back here with an update in a week or so.

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