I’m finding it therapeutic to write about this experience and…

Posted on June 08, 2013 by Tim Barrie

Sonja Sitting Up

I'm finding it therapeutic to write about this experience and how Sonja is doing.  

This is a first for me in lots of different ways…

It's now 5:30pm Saturday for me here and after getting Sonja on feet and in a chair for a short period, eating lunch and getting her original dressing changed (it was very large going from one side to the other covering her whole stomach) she is noticeably better and brighter.  The original dressing was very constricting make it hard for her to breath.

She had a good 6 – 7inch vertical incision and currently has a drain going into her stomach, removing excess fluid buildup, which seems to be slowing down a lot now.  She had me take a picture of it.  wink I've made it a clickable link so you can choose to see it or not as you are interested… smiley

She also has a catheter, I'm sure she will be very pleased when they both come out : )

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  1. Tim Barrie (author comment)

    - 9th Jun, 13 01:06pm

    Tim posting for Sonja – She says

    Can't wait to get my sewing buddy back – thanks for all the good wishes

    Love and miss you too

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  2. Tonya G.

    - 8th Jun, 13 05:06pm

    I'm so glad your both so well! Sonja with surgery and recouping, and Tim with patients and help. It's good to know that there is some place out there to go to for spinal surgery, since I have a funny feeling Dave will need it in a few years. -.-

    Can't wait to see you two next. Maybe Dave and I will take a trip to Utah. I've never been. 😉

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    • Tim Barrie (author comment)

      - 9th Jun, 13 01:06pm

      it would be great to see you and Ethan if you can make it to Utah (we could even put up with David I suppose! : )

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  3. Kathy Rothe

    - 8th Jun, 13 01:06pm

    It looks pretty tough to me. I'm so glad you're there to help and support her.  Give her my love and good wishes. I live from one post to the next but it looks like she's making progress.  I'm so glad she's still in the hospital where they can see to her needs and make sure she is comfortable. Is the pain from her back any better than before the surgery?  I'm so relieved the surgery is over and pray we can get our Sonja back 100 percent.  Bossy or not she's a pretty amazing person to have in your corner. I love you Sonja – just trying to put a smile on your face. XOXO

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