Historic day today!

Posted on December 31, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Just took a huge TV we bought in 1994 and brought with us from England to the landfill AND IT STILL WORKED!!! One small step for Sonja, one giant leap towards a flat screen for Tim…………………..

Have I ever said how much I hate packing? What to take, what to store, what to ditch. It's a good time to downsize and that TV was a huge beast so it's a start and after 15 years it was getting a bit ropey. Although it was PAL/NTSC you still had use a transformer and play TV through the tape player. All the UK tapes we brought now have to go because the UK tape player is on the fritz, poor Tim, we have about 100 VHS tapes full of every kind of Star Trek! I am sure he will get withdrawal symptoms but I'll get him through it somehow.

Not long now, we have a guy coming this afternoon who will tell us what he can fit on his truck (he works for Grotto) and then I will have to rent a truck for the second load unless this guy is coming back to Utah soon. We start sleeping on the spare bed as of tonight as ours is broken down ready to go, next is the spare fridge, got to get it empty and clean and then …………and then ………..and then ………

Yeah well you get the idea, filling boxes ad nauseum.

On a fun note, Barry and Tracey came round last night and we a really fun dinner and talked for hours, Barry also graciously helped Tim put the old TV in the back of my car and take the other heavy (but American) TV to the basement theater room for storage.

Tonight is New Years eve and we are going round to a new neighbors for the evening, they just moved in a week ago and it is one of the guys who used to work for Tim, it's a small world!

Have a wonderful New Year and here's to the start of a New Adventure.

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