Holy Mackeral Batman it’s been over a month!!!!

Posted on August 11, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Where does the time go? Well, for a start, this whole last month it has been at the physical Terrorists. Yeah, well, as you can see by the videos in my last post I don’t do anything the easy way and around the 14th July my back started hurting, (it’s always hurt since the surgery 2 years ago but you learn to live with that) but it kept getting worse, by Saturday I was flat on my back working on my laptop from my hospital table over my bed (still here btw!). I was sure it was just in spasm and would pass. The following Thursday it was so bad I got an emergency appointment with my Primary Care Doc (can’t afford ER!) because I was in so much pain and my whole back was in spasm.

One shot of Morphine and another shot of some high powered anti-inflammatory(it wasn’t cortisone it began with a ‘T’) my back started to get out of spasm although it wasn’t until midnight and the shot was at 7pm. All that hype about morphine making you high or sleepy or both is bull I think. I not only felt no different in that respect it took till midnight for it to finally easy my back a bit.

There are very few things I haven’t been able to mask with pain killers and just keep going but this was so bad Tim had to buy me a walking stick just so I could get to the toilet.

Anyway my surgeon doesn’t know whether I have damaged something again or not so he has put me on 4 days of Valium and physical therapy to see if it makes any difference. If it doesn’t it’s back inside the MRI machine and we’ll see from there. The muscles are in such spasm he couldn’t really do a diagnosis and the PT guy just sucked in air through his teeth as he was feeling my back, off-putting to say the least!

I wish I had better news, the Doc wants to wait 8 to 12 weeks to make sure it is my disc and not just muscle spasm, I am able to walk somewhat without the stick now but it hurts to walk and hurts even more to sit and I am now getting shooting pains down my left leg. Physical Terrorist has me in traction, massage, electrical stim, ice and small exercises but it seems to have hit a plateau. I will just have to wait it out I guess.

In the mean time my house is thick with dust, we are finally getting a yard put in and all those heavy machines turn dry clay into dust going back and forth, sure is beginning to really look good though. Tim put in three trees with a bit of help from the landscapers. The last three the landscapers put in died so this time we said we would plant them. After all we’re English and gardening is in our blood and landscapers are "landscapers" not "gardeners"!

I got as fantastic deal at Lowes, they were doing a whole bunch of shrubs at a $1 per gallon so a big 5 gal shrub cost me $5.00! I filled my trailer!!! Then we asked them how much of a deal they could give us if we cleared out all the trees they had left, they were a bit worse for wear but not too bad and ranged in price from $42 to $72. The associate said $5 each; we bought all 20 of them, what a deal! There were flowering fruit trees, ornamental weeping trees, apple, cherry, I think I will end up with an orchard, means more hard cider!

Tim has a web site that talks all about how to make hard cider, being a celiac I can’t drink beer but cider……….. have a look at it

http://www.makehardcidereasy.com/ or click on the picture


You can see a picture of a really cool t-shirt in the first post, well I think it’s pretty cool anyway.

Trouble is now we have to plant them, well Tim does, I might be able to put in small shrubs but I don’t last long out there, it takes me an hour every day to water them all and I have been buying plants for a while, repotting them as needed and really babying them, I only bought them if they were on sale or clearance and I think after buying about 100 plants and shrubs over the last few months I have lost one plant that cost me $1. Now that’s dedication LOL

Here’s my forest waiting to be planted!

Fruit trees, Maples, Crabapple trees, all waiting to be planted!


Large Trees Waiting to be Planted

Large Trees Waiting to be Planted

A Row of Fruit Trees Waiting to be Planted

A Row of Fruit Trees Waiting to be Planted



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