Happy Birthday to ME!

Posted on June 30, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Time sure flies when you're having fun and I have been having a ball!  First my daughter Rosanne and her husband Michael come to visit and brought my lovely granddaughter Lauren with them for me to play with and then my daughter Claire and her husband Gianni brought my adorable grandson Leo for me to play with.  And play we have!

We've been to the beach, to the park, shopping, playing in the back yard, walks, everything.  He is so cute and such a boy.  Into everything, wants to climb and scale everything.  Makes constant noises and sounds, typical boy.  It's been so long since my son was this age that you kinda forget how different they are to girls, especially after having three grand daughters.

He also has the deepest red hair so he knows how to throw a tantrum when he wants to.  Thankfully he only seems to do it to his mother so we have been spared that. I think he takes one look at me and knows it won't do him any good at all, I have what's known as  "THE LOOK"!!!  I can stop adults in their tracks with "THE LOOK" let alone children LOL

It appears Leo has also got "THE LOOK", here is giving it to Tim……..

Leo has Nanas LOOK

Leo has Nana's LOOK

Leo and Grandpa

Leo and Grandpa

Grandpa and Leo having fun at the local park

Tim is 'Papa' with all the other grand children but because Gianni is Italian Leo calls his dad 'Pappy" so having a 'Papa' for a grandfather would confuse him even more.

Sonja's birthday cake

Here's everyone singing happy birthday for my birthday and Claire made me a lovely gluten free chocolate cake.  I asked her not to put all my candles on it as I didn't want a bonfire in the house!  It was dark so when I blew the candles out it went pitch black and really freaked Leo out! The lovely flowers were from Rachael and Bobby and the girls which was a nice surprise when they arrived at the door earlier today.

Gianni and Leo at Disney

Gianni and Leo at Disney.  Apparently Leo had a blast at Disney, laughing a giggling the whole time, he didn't want to take a nap at all but he was on a ride when he just conked out!

On the Carousel at Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center

On the Carousel at Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center

Leo watering the plants

Leo watering the plants, it's his favorite thing, as soon as he hits the garden he grabs the watering can and someone had better be there to fill it for him or else!  It would be fine but he can do it for hours and filling the can over and over again can get a bit repetitive to say the least.  One day the tap was "broken" so we got a break for a day but it didn't last LOL

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