Day 14 post-op

Posted on June 19, 2013 by sonjabarrie


When we all talked about me getting that third disk put in, Dr Clavel warned me that it would take one to two extra weeks to recover, L5/S1 is harder to get to, so needs more recovery time. We decided it was worth it because I for sure was not going to be able to get back here to go through it all again when I'm 65 or 70!

I also knew the risks associated with that level when it came to the actual surgery. A bleed there, while not common, would not be unexpected. Two however, well….

Today I feel I am where most folks are the day after their surgery not two weeks later. Most would have flown home already (like Frank and Joe) if they had their surgery two weeks ago today as I, and Frank, did. There is no way I could manage a flight right now, I don't care how many drugs you give me.

I woke up this morning feeling as though someone went at me with a sledge hammer all night. There didn't seem to be any part of me that didn't ache in some way. Took me a long time to get going this morning. This morning? I think it was 2 pm before I finally finished showering and was dressed!

I know it's three steps forward and sometimes one back but knowing it doesn't stop the hurt or frustration. I still can't reach my feet or lower legs, shoot if you look at the pic I can't even SEE my legs or feet. Haven't had that problem since I was eight or nine months pregnant.

However, one thing I have found when I get down like this is to look back one week. They tell you on the ADR forums, measure in weeks not days. Wise advice, so although I'm having a pity party of one, this time last week I was still in the hospital, progress indeed!

But, it's still my party and I'll cry if I want to!!!

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  1. Debra Woods

    - 20th Jun, 13 08:06am

    Sending positive thoughts for your speedy recovery!  Get Well Soon..Thriend!

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  2. Jean Romack

    - 19th Jun, 13 04:06pm

    We are all praying for you Sonja – Trully hoping for a speedy recovery 

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  3. Hollie

    - 19th Jun, 13 02:06pm

    Sonja my thriendz.  Sorry today is not the better day but tomorrow will be better than it was.  I know there is nothing worse than surgery pain, and I don't have anything like yours to compare to, but I bet you are just a tad homesick too.  Love you sweet thing, excellent advice to measure in a week not day,  I need to share that with my Bible Study group.  We are studying a book called Unglued.  She is in Italy also doing the series.  It is about coming unglued and remembering how God deals with us and how we need to lean on him.  Great advice. Today she was talking about Michael Angelo and the statute of David.  Not so much David but the other statues that were not finished.  They had not been "chipped" away.  And how God is still chipping away at us.  Praying for you that you will feel your sparky self soon.  AND…..seeing your feet and legs are not all that big deal…..ask me how I know that.  Hugs thriendz.



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