Chaos Reigns

Posted on January 11, 2010 by sonjabarrie

I know I've been complaining about packing in other posts so I won't start again here ;) but I took some pictures of my living room and part of the bedroom.  My mattress is on the floor as the base has all been broken down and tied up ready to go, things are in pieces everywhere and there are half empty boxes stacked everywhere.

It is coming along though, I have 4 major areas left to pack, the cold storage area where all the business files, camping gear, Halloween and Christmas stuff are kept (along with what seems to be a ton of other stuff). Next comes my sewing room which will take a while because just taking apart my quilting machine and table will take a day or two. Then the garage, the tools and stuff have to go in last as we will need them on the trips back to Utah to sort the rentals. Lastly the kitchen which should be fairly easy as all the stuff that I am not taking has already been packed.

Then comes the really fun part, cleaning it all. Because we are renting it out we have to clean it waaaaaaay better than if we were just moving, how many of you have moved into a house and thought "Geez I need to clean before I can put anything away!"  Well I would never leave it that bad and never have (I'm too anal) but with a house we are renting out we like to leave them as though no one has ever lived there.  So far we have managed really well even with a 20 year old house, by the time we had replaced all the carpets, replaced the counters with granite, re-tiled all the bathroom floors, changed every faucet and refinished the cabinets through the whole house and had every single wall repainted, the place looked like new and we rented it within a week of having it in the paper!

The last tenant to move out of one of our houses was quite put out because we said it wasn't clean enough, we not only had someone come in to clean but Jeanette and I cleaned that house for a week as well.  You know you've got it right when a prospective tenant comes to view the house and says "so this is a brand new home then". Score!

It's probably one of the reasons we never (touch wood) have a problem renting our houses out.  Some of the places you go into are so bad I wouldn't put a dog in there and I have seen a lot of rental houses.  Because of the relocation work I do I take a lot of clients through rentals, everything from one bed apartments to 5 bed or more huge houses and it really makes me wonder what the owners are thinking.  Some of these places they have been trying to rent out for 6 months or more and as soon as you walk in you know why they haven't rented it.

Anyway, this house is on the market to rent, if you want to see where we have been living for the last 18 months, here's some links to the house and there are loads of pictures


Here's what chaos looks like:

Chaos Reigns

Chaos Reigns!!!

More Chaos

Half empty boxes everywhere!

My Bedroom Chaos

My Bedroom Chaos…… my mattress is on the floor and it is surrounded by half packed stuff!

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