Bed or Pressure Sores and Day 37 Post Op

Posted on July 13, 2013 by sonjabarrie

Day 37 Post Op

Well it’s just over 5 weeks since the surgery and I still have good days and bad.  Last weekend was pretty good but I seemed to go downhill again after that.  My guts almost feel as they did right after the surgery where they feel like they are about to fall out.  Wore my brace all day yesterday and that helped.

Talking to Tim about it and he reminded me that it will take three months to heal outside as it were and 6 months to completely heal inside and replace all that transfused blood and really get out of pain.  He said I drummed that into him prior to the surgery and I told him I did that so he could drum it into me after the surgery!

As with a lot of things your brain knows it but your body has a hard time catching on LOL

Bed sores/Pressure sores

When I was doing my research for this surgery one of the questions I had was: “what should I be aware of given my advanced years?” There are always challenges for anyone of any age undertaking this type of surgery. There are young (in their 20s) who also have bleeds for instance, veins can be attached to your bones and can tear upon removal regardless of your age although it is more likely to happen as you get older with thinner vein walls etc.

It was very hard to find anyone anywhere who could give me an answer, they either didn't have any problems or didn't want to talk about it. Not very helpful!

Another hazard are bed or pressure sores.  This I did not expect. I suppose it was because I was unable to get up and move around for 5 days after the surgeries it was inevitable.  However, I would caution those who are older to take precautions so it doesn’t happen to you.  Had I been made aware I could have possibly prevented it.

The picture below is 1 week after the op. There are oils and creams that can be applied to your skin that will lessen the possibility of sores but you need to apply them BEFORE they appear. If you are unable to get out of bed they will give you a bed bath. They do not, however, lather you in body lotion or anything else that will protect your skin. I think they assume you will be up and about before a problem arises, usually you will be but that is not guaranteed.

My advice, especially if you are a women as women’s skin seems to thin sooner than men’s, is to take protective oils and creams with you into the hospital. If you are conscious when they give you a bed bath ask them to apply the oil or cream right away even if you show no signs.  ALL of your back, you don’t know where your pressure points will be and they will be different for everyone.  And ALL your backside, again the pressure points are different for everyone.

Within 5 days mine had started and I was lucky in that it only itched but was red so the nurses had oils they applied but it was too late really as it still progressed. Had I realized I would have had Tim reapply the oils every 4 hours but you don’t know what you don’t know!

So it progressed. As I was able to get up after 5 days it never got to the point where it was an open sore thank goodness but it still hurt like hell.  Heed the warning, if you are older don’t think it can't happen to you because it can, there only has to be a problem with the surgery and you may be stuck flat on your back for a week.  If that is the case you WILL get a sore, be prepared.

If you are not on your feet by day 2 start putting on creams and oils right away, prevention is much better than cure. I’m now at 5 weeks and there is nothing to show, the sore has healed completely but it still itches from time to time. The nerves know. Be warned!

bed or pressure sore

My bed sore, about 3 inches wide by 1 inch tall.

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