A good Memorial Day Weekend

Posted on June 01, 2010 by sonjabarrie

Wow what a lovely weekend, on Saturday Tim and I decided to go for a walk up in the mountains around Orange County.  Well in Utah terms they are mere 'hills' as we topped out at only 1700 feet above sea level. Considering the base of the mountains starts at around the 5000 foot mark and go up to 11,000 feet in Utah these were mere rolling meadows by comparison!

It was really only warm down around where our house is in Laguna Hills so we figured it would be good walking weather.  After all you go up into the Wasatch mountains off the Salt Lake Valley and even in June you are in snow, sometimes right through to August. It is reverse here it seems, as you have to go further inland (well to get to where we walked anyway) it gets warmer, by the time we were half way round the walk (which was a measly 2 miles by the way) I was dripping and about ready for heat stroke!  Even Tim said it was hot and for him it's never too hot.

We thought we would do something easy because of my back and hip and it really was a pretty and easy walk, just flippin hot! I can see why the guide book says to go in the winter months.  When we got back to the house it was pretty cool, there seems to be a breeze here all the time and a fairly cool one at that.  We are about 6 miles as the crow flies from the coast and where we went was about 23 miles from the coast off Highway 74 in the Cleveland National Forest. Yeah the forest is in Orange County California, I guess someone made a wrong turn and thought they were in Ohio when they named it.  Go figure!

It was really pretty and there were a lot of flowers in bloom.

Cleveland National Forest, California

Me posing for Tim, at least he only made me climb the rocks and sit once, it was so hot I think i would have decked him if he tried to get me keep climbing around LOL

Cleveland National Forest, California

Cleveland National Forest, California

It's all about the rest breaks!

Cleveland National Forest, California

OK now you've taken my  picture can i be my normal 10 year old self and go play in the water please?

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