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Posted on May 20, 2013 by sonjabarrie

Wow less than 2 weeks till we fly out. Getting a bit nervous now. Am I doing the right thing? Do I really need this surgery? Can we really afford it? Will it just help or will it actually solve the problem? Will I even survive?

The pain in my back had been pretty bad lately, it really hurts to walk. It gives me a really deep, sharp, achy pain just to the right of L3/L4 and the longer I walk the more it hurts.

Sitting is no better, that gives me the same pain with the added benefit of most of my lower spine hurting too.  I have to say if I wasn’t having this surgery I would be at the point of saying I don’t care anymore and getting the fusion. That’s assuming I could get my insurance to cover it.

I have a $7000 deductible with a 20% copay after that which would be a hefty bill and would probably net me one night in the hospital.  I read on the forums those who have had one level done and the hospital sends them home the next day. They can’t sit on the toilet without help, their kids have to help them with their meds etc. because their wife works, it’s a disgrace really.

One guy was throwing up badly and it meant he hurt his back and incision and had to go back in the hospital which freaked his kids out as they thought he was going to die.  What is it with the US health system? It’s the most expensive in the world with just about the worst care.

There’s problems with all health care systems so I don’t want to get on that soap box but I am glad I am going to Spain.  We’ll see if I still say that when I get back LOL

Gonna measure myself tomorrow so I have a comparison and can see just how big my stomach will get after the surgery.

Below is an area map of Barcelona, our apartment is in the Les Corts area, Born Gotic is the old quarter and all around there is the tourist areas.  It's only a few stops on the metro and the closest station to us is less than 5 minutes walk so I'm hoping I'll at least get to see the beach once during out stay!

Map of Barcelona

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