It’s A Sad Day!

Posted on January 04, 2009 by sonjabarrie

It’s a sad day today, my bff/sister ‘V’ left early this morning to fly back to Costa Rica. 🙁

However, I do have good memories to keep me going until Dear Hubby and I fly down there at the end of February for a couple of weeks, now that I am really looking forward to, warmth, beaches, NO SNOW!

She made us a fabulous Christmas dinner Costa Rica style, every recipe was in Spanish but she managed to read them all and prepared a feast. I say she managed to read them all because she was actually born in Kenya, moved to South Africa, then England, Argentina, here with us for a year on and off then to Costa Rica. If you heard her speak you would think she came from England, she’s just like ‘Posh Spice’ Victoria Beckham (even dressed like her before Victoria Beckham knew how to dress!). She says everything with an upper class English accent so we call her our ‘posh’ English friend!

Speaking of English accents, we were invited to B & T’s (our other South African friends) for dinner over Christmas and T’s mum and dad and sister and brother-in-law were over from South Africa for Christmas. B, T and the sister and brother-in-law all have South African accents, and charming accents they are but her mum and dad originally came from the UK. He comes from a village called Winkfield in Berkshire, very near where I used to live and she comes from Twickenham.

Now here’s the strange part, T’s mum and dad have been in South Africa for 40 years……..and they sound as if they just got off the boat! Their English accent has not tarnished one bit! Amazing. Of course the best part of all this is they ALL have that wonderful English humor, I haven’t laughed that long or that hard in years. There were 8 of us round that table for dinner and the back and forth banter was superb, it’s one of the rare things I miss about the UK. They even get BBC Prime which makes me supremely jealous, we only get BBC America here and while there are a few good programs on it there are lots of programs that the Americans like: Benny Hill for instance!

So now I get the enviable job of taking down all the Christmas decorations, deep joy! Makes you wonder sometimes why we go to all the trouble of putting it all up just to look at it all for a couple of weeks and then take it all down and find somewhere out of the way to store it for another 11 months. Sounds like a kind of insanity to me but then I always have been insane!!

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