Almost Christmas!

Posted on December 24, 2008 by sonjabarrie

It’s so exciting, present day tomorrow. Been baking all day, coconut macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, ham, pecan pie, the works. Love to bake but because I don’t have rugrats at home any more I have to bake for the neighborhood which they don’t seem to mind!

Had a nice complement from one of the neighbors, they had family in and the grandfather said:

“That’s so nice, no one bakes any more let alone gives fresh baked things to neighbors, all anyone gives anymore is store bought things”

to which I replied:

“The only reason I give baked goods for Christmas is because I am as tight as a ducks arse and refuse to spend money!”

Needless to say it caused a few laughs but the sad thing is it’s actually true!

Got friends coming round tomorrow from South Africa and my BFF from Costa Rica is staying with us till the 4th of January so we have a houseful and I am loving every minute of it.

Also got some fantastic news, we had taken our citizenship test 4th December and we just got the letter telling us our “Swearing In” ceremony will be the 13th January at 9am. YEEAAHH!

This is going to be a VERY good Christmas!

Now I’ve done my duty in baking I am now off to my sewing room so that I can play and finish a baby quilt that is waiting for me on my Handi Quilter.

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