First impressions Barcelona and the first trip to the Hospital

Posted on June 05, 2013 by Tim Barrie

View from the Hospital AdjWe are getting way more attention and service than we would typically expect in the U.S. Paid for cab’s, ferrying us to and from the hospital, an escort through each room and consultation at the hospital, very little waiting around. 

The picture is one of the many pretty views from the Hospital.

Having said that, we did need to wait two hours for to meeting with the anesthetist but they showed us to the hospital restaurant where Sonja was able to lay down and sleep on one of the long leather seats. The restaurant was actually quite formal and posh with white table cloths, wine glasses all ultra-clean and contemporary.  Everything here though is ultra-designer contemporary at least on the inside.

The city Barcelona is really fun, busy and interesting.  All the large building have balconies with plants they all look different from each other with interesting architectural features.  I expect I’ll add loads of photo’s later.  There are loads of tiny interesting coffee shops and restaurants everywhere, each one unique in some way.  Unlike Rome, the prices for food and drink in Barcelona fairly seem quite reasonable, we do not feel like we are getting ripped off as tourists at all

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