I’m In Love!

Posted on January 08, 2009 by sonjabarrie

Had our girls night out last night, we went to a really cool restaurant called Tsunami and the food was divine. The best part though is we went to see Australia after that, brilliant movie with a few contrived bits in it that were there just for the ladies I am sure. Hugh Jackman was his buff and gorgeous self. There’s a scene where he is covered in soap suds and he pours a big bucket of water over himself to rinse off. Every woman in that theater moaned and wet their pants. And then there was the scene where he cleaned up, shaved off the scruff and entered a ball in a white tuxedo and just stood there at the top of the steps, a few stray locks of hair hanging over his forehead, by then everyone was wiping off drool and trying to stifle more moans!

What’s really funny is, put dark hair on Nicole Kidman and you have ‘V’, upper class accent, skinny as a rail and I can just imagine ‘V’ storming into that house the first time they arrive at Faraway Downs. I wonder if she auditioned for the part?

The movie was three hours long but you can guess which bits are going to be the most remembered. Got an IM from ‘K’ another BFF and she wrote:

“That movie was fantastic last night – I think I need to go see the shower scene at least 3 or 4 more times before I’ve had my fill!! Hell, I have never seen such a magnificent specimen of man flesh in my life.”

As much as I love my Dear Hubby I have to concur, as ‘K’ also said “We can always dream – right?” yeah for sure and I haven’t had wet dreams since I was a teenager, I guess I’m about to start again!

We do have a good laugh when we are together, though she is younger than me and she keeps rubbing in that 4 months, were pretty much on the same wavelength. We have taken to spending a whole day together just to sew. I get to her house with my machine usually about 10am and we sew without stops till about 6 pm. Means we get a lot of sewing done, if you look at my Saturday, December 20, 2008 post you will see the first quilt I finished at her house and that quilt took days and days to finish! It was cool though, more days to laugh and have fun.

Just had an IM from my friend ‘V’ in Costa Rica, they have just had a 6.1 earthquake. Everyone is OK and the building held up but I am worried about after shocks as they can be worse than the initial shock. Will let you know how things go.

Can’t say I like this back to work lark! Everything gets backed up over the holidays so you have that to contend with, plus year end and then you have to start on taxes.

I think I need to go back and watch Australia again!

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  1. Tracey

    - 9th Jan, 09 01:01am

    Arh gee, i wish i came with you now 🙁 I agree that Hugh Jackman is delish – he can come warm my bed any day! I’ll have to catch the movie on DVD or TV someday and record it – that way you can pause and rewind if you need to :-))

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  2. Yo Momma

    - 8th Jan, 09 11:01pm

    No Tim, I’m sorry but you just don’t have the same ripples. Guess I don’t know that for sure, just guessing really. I’ll go with you when you go back.

    Thanks for mentioning your favorite sewing buddy and the one you have a love/hate relationship with. No I feel like part of the group.


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  3. Tim

    - 8th Jan, 09 10:01pm

    Would it help if I took off my shirt more often?

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